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Andros: Authorities rescue paddle surfer, fine him for ignoring weather warnings

A fine, the first across Greece, was imposed to a man who defied official weather warnings, went into the rough sea and enjoyed paddle surfing -at least for short time – before he was rescued by the Coast Guard. After the rescue in the sea rea off Pyrgi, the port authorities on the island of Andros fined the 43-year-old man for having violating the provisions of the law.

The man was paddle surfing, while winds were blowing with intensity of 7 Beaufort. At some point he got involved in an uneven struggle between the waves and his surfboard, was unable to return to the shore and sought the help of the local port authorities.

They sent a vessel to his rescue and brought him back to safe ground.

And then, they decided to implement the newly reactivated directive, according to which bold water sports hobbyists will pay for their own rescue and in addition will be also fined if they disregard official instructions and bans due to harsh weather conditions. The directive existed for some time and it was never implemented. the Coast Guard reactivated on Jan 24, 2020.

The Gavrion Port Authority on Andros issued a statement saying, among others, that the man “was in danger as he was with his board in the open sea while winds were blowing with 7 Beaufort and so he sought the help of port authorities.”

A Coast Guard patrol boat was sent to the area, the man was found, recovered and was transferred to the port of Gavrion.

The man was in good health, however, along with his rescue he received also a fine for violating the provisions of the law.

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“The Gavrion Port Authority has initiated the procedure for imposing the administrative penalties provided by the law,” the statement concluded.

The Port Authority of Gavrion did not reveal the amount of the fine.

It remains to be seen, whether they will have him pay also for the cost of his rescue, as the Directive provides.

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