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Coronavirus: Campaign “Stay Home” goes viral, thousands Greeks flock to cafes

Happy go lucky moms, cheering kids, vivid teenagers, relaxed students… Greeks have been flocking to cafeterias and playgrounds, enjoying the sunny days, the mild temperatures and the closure of schools, universities and kindergartens. They got the message wrong. Or they just don’t care. Or they just follow their Greek heart telling them “coronovirus is for the others, doesn’t affect me!”

What if the country’s health authorities warn of coronavirus spread risks, urge to social distancing and the campaign by the Health Ministry “Stay Home” has gone viral?

“Individual responsibility” to protect the others, the elderly and those with chronic problems who may die of the virus?” What’s that?

“I’m not afraid of a virus because … I don’t see it, and I don;t know anybody who got sick,” a neighbor said.

The same argument I heard also by two friends of mine.

The logic: “No see” means “No exists.”

“I wanted to go and slap all these moms in the face,” an 80-year-old neighbor watching from the window several relaxed moms sitting on benches, chatting on their mobiles and a good dozen kids playing around, wrestling, footballing or just rolling with each other on the green grass of the neighborhood square.

Of course, it is not just the people affected by the “Schools Out!” who flock outside. It is also men and women   who have been sent home because their work place needs to be disinfected due to some confirmed or suspected case, or they have been out of work because “business goes bad” since the cornavirus outbreak.

But it is also the elderly who take advantage of the rising temperatures and go out – where especially they should stay at home.

An old man was telling the reporter of a Greek television channel that he goes “out for a coffee in kafeneio in the morning but I stay home all afternoon.” – Does the virus have working hours?

I personally think that it is a matter of time that health authorities take more drastic measures and close cafes, taverns and restaurants to force all those coronavirus revolters to stay inside.

PS the moment I was writhing the last words, the Health Ministry announced the closure of cafes, bars, restaurants etc because “the measures do not work,” as the Health Minister said. More on the new measures soon.

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  1. Greeks aren’t scared of the Common Cold. CoVid-19 is the 2019 strain and it’s so late that we are only really talking about it in March. The 2018 strain was far deadlier, every year there is a new corona strain that kills tens to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, we are blessed that this flu is so late this year.

  2. Greeks are EGO… me, and the rest is not important…. as you write: no see- no exist – I complain since years about garbage on land on sea… they just ignore it, look into the clouds, then you don´t see the garbage…
    Years ago: a guy on a nioisy motorcycle tops aside me, when I was walking with my baby in the chopper – he lightened a cigarette and took a coke tin can out, then started to talk with me about stupids , who don´t care about children, but he spits his cigarette smoke into the kid´s kinderwagen… then he complains about the garbage, and throws cigarette and empty tin can just down, where he stood., Bye, he said, and started his extremely noisy motorbike 35 cm from my baby´s ears… this real story was one of the reason, to give my house away and return to germany, I only come to Greece for short holiday sailing trips…. always more and more frustrated about the increasing littering ever ywhere… and if one says a word, they become aggressive…I can´t stand such ignorancs and egoism.
    unfortunately, one of the pretty bad behaviours of Greeks….

  3. Serious as the subject is, I really had to chuckle when I read this article.

  4. You may also want to read about this virus from more serious sites.

    And keep in mind that Italy has the same, “It’s all about me! It won’t affect me! It doesn’t apply to me!” mentality.

  5. I am planning to visit the Dodacenese Islands in 4 weeks time

    Where I live (West Cornwall UK) we have no Covid 19 cases – should I come & contribute to the economy or should I stay away ??

    • keeptalkinggreece

      who knows what will be in 4 weeks time? ask your travel agent.

      • As an independent traveller it looks like I have no choice but to cancel as with Cafes closed I will not be able to eat easily

        I hope Greece doesn’t suffer too much, I will be back as soon as I can

  6. michele lavender

    Geoff Nicholas,you cannot know that no one in your area has it for the incubation period of this new virus is about two weeks,so many of us may have it and be spreading it unknowingly.You I guess will be sitting on an aeroplane with many people and then travelling on with the use of other transport.Easjet has now said they will allow date changes to flights without incurring costs for the change,only flight price difference.You may yourself get it or have it and then need to isolate here,no immediate return home,have you the funds to isolate yourself here.However an article I read yesterday by viral pathogen specialists said that 60% of the world population needs to get this virus so as to obtain immunity naturally so that when it very possibly returns each winter time the Covid-19 will struggle to invade the human body and transfer itself with such devastation as it is doing now.