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COVID-19 Statistics: First epidemiology report in Greece Feb20-Mar20

Greece’s National Health Organization EODY released on Saturday statistics data on the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country. The data have been collected for the period February 20 until March 20, 2020. Categories include age and geographical regions.

According to the latest official data released on March 20, the total confirmed cases are 495 and 10 deaths. Four people died in 24 hours (March 19-20).

Of the 495 cases confirmed until March 20, 53.5% are men and 46.5% are women, marginally more than half of the infected are recorded in the age category 40-64. 24.2% are in age category 18-39 and 20.7% are over 60 years old.. Only 4.4% of those affected are in the age group of children and adolescents, aged 0-17 years.


Of the total confirmed cases in Greece, 95.4% are Greeks (455 in total); the remaining 40 are foreign nationals living in Greece.

In the first epidemiological report published on the official website of the National Public Health Organization, 23.6%, ie 117 have or are still hospitalized. 26 infected patients had to be ventilated and intubated.

The large number of cases, 213, is recorded in the Athens area. 32 cases have been recorded in the Attica Basin outside Athens. 15 cases have been confirmed in East Attica, 2 in West Attica, 15 in Piraeus. The total number of infections in Attica is 249, i.e. 50% of total.

Next on the list is Ilia, West Peloponnese, with 41 confirmed cases and Kastoria, West Macedonia, with 13 cases. Thessaloniki has 10, Achaia, West Peloponnese, 9 cases and fewεr cases in other areas.

κρούσματα = tested positive cases

Chart below: the curve of COVID-19 in relation to “travel”, “locally infected”, “under investigation”, “connection with confirmed case”, “group of pilgrims to the Holy Land.”

Chart below: Tested samples, confirmed cases, negative tested.

Chart: Deaths

February 26-March 18, 2020 black: deaths, red: hospitalization in ICU, pink: hospitalization outside ICU

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