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Greece limits to 3 antiseptics purchase, lowers VAT to products for personal protection

Greece has limited to three the number of antiseptics and disinfectants each customer can purchase at a time. The products include also ethyl alcohol. The restriction refers to purchases in supermarkets and pharmacies.These products will be sold in individual packages.

The measure became essential as Greeks have been emptying shelves of antiseptics and disinfectants in the last two weeks and  local supermarkets branches can not refill and meet the drastically increased demand. “We are waiting for supplies,” our neighborhood supermarket has been telling me since last Monday, March 16.

The relevant legislation has been submitted to the Parliament for voting.

With another emergency legislative act published in the Official Gazette on Saturday, Value Added Tax is reduced from 24% to 6% for masks, surgical gloves, ethyl alcohol and antiseptic soaps, gels, tissues and other products for personal protection from the virus.

In order to limit overcharging and profiteering, retailers will be required to ensure that their gross profit margin is not bigger than that before February 1, 2020.

Violations will be punished with fines and a ban on any sort of advertising.

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  1. In my local town, there has been no “panic buying”. People are getting what they need and not emptying the shelves. I think that they may be buying more on each individual visit to the supermarket but are visiting less frequently so supplies are predictable by the shop owners.

  2. same here in my part of Athens, our 2 small supermarkets are never out of supplies

  3. I haven’t been able to buy hand sanitizer on Paros since March 13.