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More than 766 lockdown violations across Greece in the first 36 hours

Systematic checks conducted by the Greek Police on the first 36 hours of the total lockdown found that more than 766 people across the country had violated the restrictions. The majority of violators did not carry the necessary movement permits with them. Others did not have IDs or were found several kilometers away from the destination they had noted on the permit.

Fines of 150 euros were imposed to the majority of violators especially on Tuesday as Monday was mostly a “mercy day” for Greeks to adjust to their new reality.

The lockdown violations were registered from 6:00 am Monday, March 23, until 3:00 pm on Tuesday, March 24.

The areas were violations were recorded were: 234 in Attica, 94 in the Ionian Islands, 89 in Western Greece, 70 in the Peloponnese, 58 in Central Greece, 45 in the Southern Aegean, 44 in Crete, 33 in Thessaly, 29 in Thessaly. Thessaloniki, 25 in Central Macedonia, 19 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 11 in Epirus, 9 in the North Aegean and 6 in Western Macedonia.

Many violations in Attica were reportedly conducted along the Athens Riveira with walkers and pet owners who ignored the conditions of going out, and did not have with them the Movement Permits neither in printed nor in sms or in handwritten version.

Among those fined with 150 euros were

  • a citizen who was found in another prefecture than his permanent residence
  • a driver with four people in his car (only driver + one passenger are permitted) and none of them had movement permit or ID.
  • a citizen who had filled up a permit to go to the supermarket but had driven 60 km away and thus had three passengers in his car.

Three foreigner workers were arrested in Karyes, the administrative center of the monks’ republic in Mount Athos for not having the permits with them. They were taken to a court in Thessaloniki but were not charged because the court accepted their argument that they do not watch television.

The first fine in Thessaloniki was imposed short after 6 o’ clock on Tuesday morning to a jogger. The woman had a permit but just a copy of her passport.

Violators have three days to object the fine.

Greek Police underlines that controls will continue with intensively order to safeguard public health.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said on Tuesday afternoon that “stricter measures” will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday. He did not elaborate but mention the example of scammers who tried to rob a senior pretending to be form a public authority.

At least today, police offers wore masks and gloves and did not touch citizens’ papers and mobiles and on the first day of lockdown.

PS I’ve today a few old neighbors coming out of their homes today several times and I thought it must be tough, challenging and scary especially for those living alone to cope with these measures, the “invisible enemy” and a state that demands more and more things about which they have no idea. The 88-year-old father of a friend was insisting that they have to get permits from the police station. The old man cannot understand why he is not allowed to take his morning walk to the park “since there is no war or dictatorship.”

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  1. I have to travel to the airport on Thursday to hopefully pick up my daughter who has been stranded in America, Is this allowed? do I need extra documentation? what number do I use on the permit?