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Lockdown Greece: Citizens can get “e-prescription” on mobile or e-mail

Citizens in need of prescription will not need to pay a visit to the doctor, at least during the coronavirus outbreak. The Greek ministries of Digital Governance and of Health launch the electronic prescription “e-prescription” where citizens/patients, doctors and pharmacists will make use of modern technologies and a platform set up for this purpose.

The procedure is optional and starts be implemented as of Saturday, March 28, 2020.

The procedure is simple: the doctor issues the e-prescription, sends a code to the patient’s mobile phone or e-mail. the patient goes to the pharmacy with the code, the pharmacist uses the code to seek the prescription in the online platform set by the ministries.

According to the ministries in charge, “the process is simple and ensures safety, transparency and privacy at all stages.”

For Citizens/Patients

To activate the e-prescription and be allowed to receive the code, citizens must go to “”, select category “Υγεία και Πρόνοια” (Health and Welfare) and then subcategory “Φάκελος Υγείας” (Health File), where they find the category “άυλη συνταγογράφηση” (intangible prescription.)

They enter using TAXISNET codes and their AMKA number.

They are asked to fill their mobile phone and/or e-mail.

They receive a message confirming the data.

For doctors

Doctors enter the platform “” where they register the prescription in the same way they have done until now. However, when it comes to citizens who have opted for intangible prescription, instead of printing it they will send its code by SMS and / or per e-mail. At the same time, the prescription will linked with patient’s AMKA.

The pharmacist will perform the prescription via the “” platform only with the code sent by the physician to the patient.

If, however, the message is lost or for any reason the patient cannot access it, the prescription will be able to be traced and executed through the AMKA.

Once the process is successfully completed, the citizen will be informed by SMS and / or e-mail.

Chronic ill

Repeated prescriptions for chronic ill and vulnerable groups will be issued electronically by choice so that these groups will not need to pay a visit to the doctor also after the epidemic crisis.


For elderly patients(grandparents, parents etc) when citizens register can add the mobile number or the e-mail of a third person.

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