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Calls on Greek MPs, ministers to donate 50% of salary to fight COVID-19

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday urged members of his cabinet and lawmakers of ruling New Democracy to donate 50% their salary for the next two months in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. According to the Prime Minister’s call, the money should be deposit on a special account opened for this purpose. Other political parties are making similar calls to MPs, while the President of the Hellenic Republic announced to donate half of their salary in the fight of COVID-19.

In his message posted on social media, PM Mitsotakis wrote:

“As the government was first to mobilize, with bold measures against the pandemic, so our country’s political classes must stand on the front lines of solidarity.

I, therefore, and in a symbolic initiative urge all ND MPs, as well as ministers and deputy ministers, to deposit 50% of their salary [to help] in the fight against the coronavirus for the next  two months. These funds will be directed to the special account for Covid-19.

We are all of us equal in the face of the threat to health. But in the battle against it, everyone has to offer according to their ability. I am sure that the other parties will follow suit.

Main opposition party SYRIZA called on Mitsotakis to make the salary donation “mandatory” and extend it also to high-ranking government and state officials. The left-wing party has been calling since Friday for the lawmakers’ donations.

so far, KINAL/PASOK has collected money to support Intensive Care Units in the Greek hospitals, it may also join the MPs salary donations.

The President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou announced on Monday that she will give half of her salary in the fight of the coronavirus for two months. The move is the least expression of solidarity, the President said.

Greeks on social media have being calling over the weekend on politicians to donate their salaries for the public health system also as a matter of solidarity with the majority of the people, the thousands across the country who are left without income due to the lockdown measures.

The government has announced to support with 800 euros workers, self-employed and business owners hit by the measures that have paralyzed the economy. The amount will be given to cover the months of March and April, that is 400 euros per month.

PS the support is welcome, however, basically not enough to feed a family, pay utilities and telecommunications, pending winter heating bills and even worse, also rent.

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