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Greek enjoy Holy Week services per loudspeaker, some call on “church raids”

Holy Week and closed churches is the biggest challenge for Greece’sGreeks in this coronavirus year. While the religious services are being held behind closed doors, the faithful have to stay at home and find pleasure in listening to the beautiful hymns of Holy Week through the television, radio or internet.

However, believers do not give up to miss this feeling of gathering in the church.

A neighborhood of Sidirokastro, northern Greece, found a unique way to restore this lost feeling of togetherness.

They installed loudspeakers and all together enjoyed the service from Agia Paraskevi Church through open balcony doors and windows.

Loudspeakers transmitting the religious services from the churches is also forbidden during the lockdown.

However, the local police let the believers prevail.

While Greek have repeatedly warned that churches have to remain closed to public and plan to dispatch police patrols outside the places of worship to fine faithful who will gather outside, some selfish “Christians” urge believers to “raid the churches.”

In Domokos, central Greece, they glued leaflets calling on “churches raids during the Holy Week and Resurrection Saturday” claiming “otherwise slavery.”

According to local media lamiareport, some others, have leaflets in Lamia opposing the closure of the churches and the lockdown that does not allow participation in the Holy Communion.

‘Open Churches, Free Holy Communion – Resurrection for all.”

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