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UPD Gov’t confuses Greeks with constant changes in mandatory use of mask

Greek government spokesman triggered anew confusion among citizens when he said on Saturday morning that wearing a mask is mandatory for supermarket workers but optional for customers and in the same sentence he added that for customers masks will be “strongly recommended.”

Speaking to Skai TV, spokesman Stelios Petsas said “masks in supermarkets will be optional for customers against the spread of the new corona. In supermarkets, the mask is mandatory for employees, not for customers, but there will be a strict recommendation for its use.”

To add even more confusion, Petsas said “there will be clarifications about the use of mask on Saturday afternoon.”

The issue is of top priority as not wearing a mask where it is mandatory will be fined with 150 euros starting on Monday, May 4, when Greece begins with the gradual lifting of the lockdown restrictions, citizens will no longer be obliged to leave their homes with a movement permit, while several shops will open again.

Since April 27, the issue of wearing a mask has become more and more confusing but also controversial due to previous statements by health experts in the country. At the same time, the cost of €1-€1.30 has made the government plans target of sharp criticism as hardly an employee can use the same mask during an 8-hour shift.

Based on a press release issued by the Greek Health Ministry Saturday noon, the areas where wearing a mask is mandatory for employees and in some cases also for customers

For employees, wearing a mask is mandatory – in brackets also for citizens – in:

– Public transport means and Taxi (and citizens)

– Super Markets and Grocery Stores

– Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

– Diagnostic laboratories, Hospitals and Doctors’ practices (and citizens)

– Computer shops, telecommunications equipment

– Elevators (and citizens)

– Bookstores, newsagents and stationery stores

– Sports equipment, Hearing aids, Garden Shops,

– Gambling shops measures to be specified at a later point

Media add on the list also KTEO employees will be required to wear a mask, pharmacies and public services

According to the Health Ministry, recommended is the use of mask by

  • employees and citizens in schools, universities and tutorial schools (frontistiria), places of worship, offices, open spaces, retail stores
  • by citizens/clients in hairdressers and beauty salons, cafes/restaurant/bars in outdoor spaces, supermarkets & food stores


Head of Civil protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Saturday evening that the use of mask in mandatory by citizens in:

  • Public Transport Mean and Taxi
  • Elevators
  • Hospitals, Diagnostic centers & laboratories, Doctors’ practices

Mandatory for those supermarket employees who deal with no packed food products.

PS I suppose the rest is according to the Health Ministry press release.

In the remaining areas, shops etc, everybody can decide whether to wear one or not.


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