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Rules for cafes, bars and restaurants in Greece as of May 25

Deputy Development and Investment Minister Nikos Papathanassis announced on Sunday evening the rules under which that cafes, bars and restaurants will open again during the 4. phase of lockdown easing on May 25, 2020.

General rules are that facilities are allowed to open both outdoors or indoor spaces under certain conditions.

One customer per 2 square meters is allowed.

Maximum number of people at tables is set to 6 – or more for families with minor children.

According to state-run news agency amna, the specific rules for cafes, bars and restaurants are:

  • The current ratio is one customer per two sq.m. total useful allowable operating area.
  • The total allowable operating area results from the sum of the area of ​​the outdoor area and the internal semi-outdoor area, mainly space.
  • The outdoor surface is the area of ​​the surface outside the physical store while the inner semi-outdoor surface is the surface inside the store where table seats can be developed.
  • The possibility of using the internal semi-outdoor surface arises when there is a side or sides of the space with an opening in contact with an outdoor space or patio.
  • Depending on the opening of the side, the space can be used in depth at a rate of 80% to 160% of the width of the opening.
  • Minimum distance between the tables according to the arrangement of the seats is set from 0.70 cm to 170 cm.
  • Maximum number of people allowed to sit at a table is six (6). There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.
  • Finally, depending on the job of the staff, there is an obligation to use a mask or face shield, while a recommendation also applies to customers.

The government decided to open one week earlier than originally scheduled cafes, bars and restaurants following the green light given by the health experts and based on the epidemiological data.

For more information about lockdown easing in Greece here.

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