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Greece 3. phase of lockdown easing: Travel, stores, sports on May 18

Greece is proceeding with the third phase of easing the lockdown measures imposed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Greeks will be allowed to travel outside the prefecture of the residence on the mainland as well as to the the islands of Crete and Evia only.

Students older than 13 years older return to schools, remaining stores and services open again.

According to the relevant Greek authorities, on Monday, May 18, 2020:


People are allowed to travel on the mainland, to Crete and Evia.

Traveling to the islands is still allowed for permanent residents, business owners and workers provided they carry documents proving the necessity of traveling.

Not residents will be allowed to travel to the remaining islands most likely on May 25.


Students at Gymnasiums and 1. and 2. Lyceum Grade return to schools.

Kindergarten and elementary schools remain closed.

Shops & Services

Shopping malls, discount villages and outlet villages

Zoos and botanical gardens.

Establishments related to pet training and hunting supplies.

Beauty saloons and diet centers

Companies specializing in wedding, baptism and funeral decorations.

Dancing schools. Gyms remain closed.

Archaeological Sites

The Acropolis, the Ancient Olympia and other outdoors archaeological sites open on May 18. For museums and cultural events, check here.

Sports facilities

Open and closed sports facilities such as pools, track etc for training of athletes over 13 years old. No group sports with close physical contact.

Priority for  athletes in pre-olympic-games training.

Pools open also for people with disabilities plus one accompanying person.

  • In all the above mention facilities that open on Monday, social distancing should be observed and the use of masks according to the rules.

Cafes, bars, restaurants

Deputy Development Minister Nikos Papathanassis announced that cafes, bars and restaurants will open again during the 4. phase of lockdown easing on May 25.

The facilities are allowed to open both outdoors or indoor spaces.

One customer per 2 square meters is allowed.

Maximum number of people at tables is set to 6 – exception for families with several children.

For more information about Greece, lockdown easing and tourism here.

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