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Easing lockdown has not exacerbated epidemiological indicators, says Greece

Two weeks after the first phase of easing lockdown restrictions and the data in Greece show that although the population movement has significantly increased, the epidemiological indicators have not exacerbated, government spokesman, Stelios Petsas said on Monday.

“The first two weeks of the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures have been successfully crowned in terms of health,” Petsas said.

All the key elements, from the positive tested cases to the fatalities, remain at the same average level, he added.

At the same time, hospitalizations in ICUs are declining and the number of COVID-19  tests performed has significantly increased, Petsas said.

He added that “the mobility of the population increased significantly by 33% on average in May compared to April, when the most restrictive measures were implemented.”

Stay at home has been reduced by 26%, transition to basic necessities such as food and medicine has increased by 51%., to parks and recreation areas increased by 47% while the use of public transport increased nationally but moderately, by 21%.”

Although a significant part of the tele-work remained, the opening of specific stores strengthened the transition to workplaces by 21%, Petsas said.

He added that volume of electronic transactions for  March, April and May has increased by 8% compared to last year.

Recalling the re-opening of the organized beaches on Saturday and the churches on Sunday, he said that “the general picture in both cases is positive.”

He underlined that “the vast majority of citizens continued to show responsibility and those in charge took care of the implementation of the rules.”

Noting the restart of more economic and social activities on May 18, he stressed that the next important step on the road back to normality will be on May 25, when restaurants and cafes in Greece will open again.

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