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Greece is considering to open borders to foreign tourists earlier than July 1

Greece is racing to save the touristic season that has been particularly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Professionals in the tourism sector are eagerly waiting for the official statements regarding safety measures and incentives so that they open their businesses without losses. Holidaymakers are packing their luggage and check for flight dates and opening of border crossings. Everybody is wondering: When will Greece open its borders to foreign tourists?

Certainly on July 1, as the Prime Minister said last week, possible also earlier, on June 15, Greek media report on Tuesday, one day before Kyriakos Mitsotakis will reveal the much anticipated package on tourism, opening borders and incentives for the sector.

The Greek government has reportedly decided to open Greece’s borders for tourists from the European Union, the Schengen area and Israel by July 1, possibly even earlier in mid-June,” media report citing government sources.

Greek health authorities have already approved the government’s plans to open the gates for foreign tourists. The issue of the date is up to the Prime Minister to decide.

Should the Prime Minister decided for an earlier date, this mean that also seasonal accommodations will be allowed to open earlier than July 1. Accordiing to latest media information, possible on June 8.

It looks as if the government plan to require COVID-19 testing before arriving in the country is off the table mainly due to European Commission recommendations to avoid discrimination.

As for the package for the tourism sector, Mitsotakis will also announce a series of support measures for transport, hotels and all the sectors involved in the sectors of hospitality and travel.

According to media, these measures will include reduction in Value Added Tax on accommodation, transport per ferry and airplane, temporary scrapping of accommodation fee, lower VAT on served coffe, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages. and other affected areas of the tourist industry, as well as subsidizing labor.

Optimistic estimations reportedly speak of 7-8 million tourists to spend their holidays in Greece, comparing to 34 millions in 2019.

Tuesday evening, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced that travel to the islands will start again on May 25.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria has agreed to ease travel with Greece as of June 1.

More information on tourism in Greece amid the pandemic here.

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  1. I hope deeply.that Finland open borders very soon.

  2. Open borders from June 15 and no covid test, and my family and i come on 16 June….