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Athens Great Walk and “red carpet” for pedestrians

The Great Walk of Athens, the project that overhauls the city center “to encourage on-foot exploration by tourists” – as it is official said – has been pilot tested on Thursday.

The testing affected the several streets including the avenues of Vassilissis Olgas and Irodou Attikou, where the first zones for pedestrians and bicycles have been demarcated.

In Red! In Red? Yes, in Red!

No color for people with eye sensitivities in light and colors

The city center was open for vehicle traffic as it was just a test.

Syntagma Square and Panepistimiou Avenue will be tested on Sunday, June 14, the rest of the streets in the historical center as of early July.

In a statement, the municipality of Athens said that the measures would be introduced gradually and adaptations made depending on feedback, especially from residents and workers.

The whole Great Walk of Athens project here.

PS I wonder if Greeks are also allowed to use these zones or are just for tourists. The Municipality sends a wrong message and moreover it paints it red. Red! For Christ sake! RED! Tourists without sunglasses can go blind in summer, when the bright sunshine will hit the red carpet.

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  1. Please note most tourists go everywhere in taxis and walking in then heat of summer is rarely on their agendas. They want every convenience and to walk as little as possible. It might be more popular in December.