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Greece travel updates: Lifts ban on IT, NL, SP earlier, opens all borders July 1

Greece announced on Friday that it will open all airports, ports and land borders on July 1, 2020 and will lift its flight ban on Italy, Netherlands and Spain on June 15. This was announced during a live press conference held by Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis and Health Minister, Vassilis Kikilias.

While the Health Minister presented the country’s plan for health protocols on tourist destinations, the Tourism Minister outlined an updated roadmap for opening the country to tourists from other countries.

“On July 1, all airports will be open essentially inaugurating tourism on the islands, the Tourism Minister said.

He stressed that Greece fully follows the EU directives. Earlier on Friday, the European Commission called on member states to open their external borders on July 1, however, it also urged the EU/Schengen countries to agree on a list of non-EU countries where travellers could come from starting from July.

Updated Roadmap

June 15-30, 2020

Ban on flights to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos is lifted for Italy, the Netherlands and Spain on June 15.

Ban on flights from UK and Turkey remains “independently from the EASA list,” There will be a revaluation at some point. This practically mean that no flights from UK and Turkey will be allowed at least until the end of June.

Arrivals from Albania and North Macedonia only for essential travels.

Thessaloniki airport open on June 15 not for Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Albania and North Macedonia.

Travellers are prohibited from entering Greek ports by ship, and are only allowed on board of yachts.

Land arrivals: Borders to/from Turkey, Albania and North Macedonia remain closed (except for the necessary business trips), while they are open to/from Bulgaria.

Check here List of another 29 countries allowed to fly to Greece on June 15

July 1, 2020

Arrivals at all Greek airports are allowed – Flights exceptions from third countries (non-EU) in coordination with the European Union (list still due)

Arrivals by the sea: Ships and ferries from abroad are allowed at all Greek ports. These include arrivals from Italy. Cruise ships will be allowed too “not on July 1, but in the following days,” so Theoharis.

Land borders: Opening of 7 entry points of land borders (did not specified which ones)

COVID-19 Tests

Airports Athens and Thessaloniki June 15-30:

Random tests on passengers from airport out the EASA lists. One day self-isolation in the hotel until test result. !4-day quarantine in a designated quarantine hotel if test positive.

Tests to all passengers arriving from Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Same isolation/quarantine conditions as above (valid also fro those arriving form Albania and North Macedonia.)

As of 1. July 2020

Random testing for passengers from all countries of arrival.

14-day quarantine if traveler tested positive.

There will be quarantine hotels in the capitals of each prefecture and in all Greek islands. The list of the quarantine hotels will be published in a few days.

Passenger Load Factor

As of 1. July 2020, all travelers will fill out an online form Passenger Load Factor with their contact details while in the country. The PLF will be filled out before getting onboard or upon the arrival.

“Our goal is for all those wanting to come to our country to be able to do so, but also to be able to return safely to their countries,” Greece ‘s Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis stressed.

sources: ERT TV Live, protagon, others.

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) here. List of airports is updated frequently.

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  1. Really cannot understand the block on flights from the UK. Spain and Italy had just as bad infection rates of the virus. Seems to little to late if other countries that had a bad time can travel into Greece.

    • If you cannot understand what is happening and why, when it is clear to most people, why tell everyone?

  2. Can Belgium people come to the Greek islands from the 1st of July ?

  3. shame about the UK, but understandable. Hopefully I will be able to visit soon, I’ve been waiting to explore more of Greece!