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Swedish national tested positive to COVID-19 in Chania, Crete UPD

Health authorities in Chania on the island of Crete, went on alter on Wednesday after a Swedish national was tested positive to COVID-19.

According to confirmed information obtained by local media, the 20-year-old man was taken to the Chania hospital in the morning and he was tested positive. He remains hospitalized in the COVI-18 clinic.

The young man has already fell ill with the virus before, zarpanews notes.

The patient is not a tourist but he has been working at a telephone and internet support company in the town.

Next to the health authorities also the company is on alert.

According to the local news website, the man has come in contact with many people.

Apart for some 8-10 confirmed cases at the begin of the pandemic in March the island has remained coronavirus-free.

Beginning of May, three Swedish nationals were tested positive, while staying in a 14-day quarantine in Athens. One of them was hospitalized with respiratory difficulties. They had arrived to the Greek capital from Stockholm for work.

UPDATE: State broadcaster ERT TV confirmed on Thursday morning that the 20-year-old Swedish national arrived in Athens on May 5 and he was tested positive. The third test was clear and therefore he was allowed to travel to Crete after the 14-day quarantine.

The case puzzles the health experts.

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  1. Where was the companies corporate responsability during the lockdown in Greece.. ? There was no need to transfer employees from Sweden or any other country during this time to Crete. It seems a case of corporate greed over social responsability . Now Chania is potentially under threat from the virus due to this companies actions.

    • They are not all from Sweden! They from Finland and Norway as well….so how are we sure that it’s specifically Sweden? The plane left from Stockholm but carried more then Swedes amongst the passengers

      • Regardless of where they came from, Greece and in particular Crete was in lockdown..There were no direct flights and even greek mainlanders were not allowed to travel to the islands let alone people from another country…It was the companies corporate responsibility to not send employees here untill restrictions lifted , same as tourists…… Same on you TP..