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Greece Weather Warning: Rain- and thunderstorms, hail June 21-24

Greece’s National Meteorological Service has issued a warning about a sudden weather deterioration with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms accompanied locally by hail and temporary powerful winds.

The bad weather front is coming form the North staring on Sunday afternoon, June 21, 2020.

It will initially hit the northern and central mainland and the North Aegean Sea.

Red and blue dots mark the areas where hail-falls are forecast. Affected are expected to be Eastern Macedonia, Halkidiki and Thrace.

The bad weather front will quickly move southwards, and the weather will remain unstable until Wednesday, June 23.

Weather warning and areas affected

Sunday, June 21

Rainfalls and thunderstorms in Macedonia and Thrace. Temporary weakening of the phenomena
expected at night.

Monday & Tuesday, June 22-23

Intense weather phenomena across the mainland, also in Evia, the Sporades islands, temporarily the islands of the northeastern Aegean Sea.

Weakening of the phenomena in the evening hours.

Wednesday, June 24

Noon and afternoon hours will be limited in the central and northern mainland.

Significant weather improvement is forecast for Thursday, June 25.

PS and then the weather may decided to stabilize into a beautiful summer weather without unpleasant surprises.

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