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Antetokounmpo graffiti in Athens vandalized with nazi symbols

Unknown perpetrators have vandalized with nazi symbols the graffiti of Giannis Antetokounmpo created by the “Colors and Dreams” group on the initiative of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro in south Athens.

The racists vandals smudged the face of Greek Freak, painted swastikas and the SS symbol on his arm.

The graffiti was created by the group “Colors and Dreams.” It featureσ Antetokounmpo wearing the Bucks shirt, next the Milwaukee’s team logo. His name was painted with blue and white letters, the colors of the Greek flag.

The graffiti is on one of the 48 telecommunications primary cross-connection boxes in Palaio Faliro,  municipality had ‘renovated’ with the “Colors and Dreams” group of graffiti artists.

PS Fascists and racists hate the “foreigner” but most of all the “foreigner” who made it, while they are still crawling deep inside the holes of their miserable lives.

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