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Belgium puts Greece on list of “orange countries” with “high health risks” UPD

Of all places Belgium has put Greece on a list of “orange countries” due to alleged “high coronavirus risk.” This means that travellers from Greece, whether Belgian or other nationals, will have to be placed into 14-day quarantine when they enter the country.

That was reveled by daily Le Soir.

Along with Cyprus, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Portugal and Spain, Greece is classified as “orange zones” on the Belgian Foreign Ministry’s website where there is “high health risk” from the coronavirus.

Belgium strongly advises against traveling to these countries.

Travelers who return from these countries will be asked to undergo screening and quarantine.

Representative for Covid-19 Crisis Management in Belgium, Yves Van Laethem, told RTB said that the list has not been updated for quite some time and that this will take place in the next 24 or 36 hours.

According to media, Greece and Cyprus were put on the “orange list” yesterday, July 8, 2020.

Comparison based on live coronavirus worldwide.

Belgium: 62,210 cases, 9,778 deaths, over 35,000 active cases

Greece: 3,622 cases, 193 tests, 2,055 active cases

Athens is downright pissed off, as half a million Belgian tourists visit Greece every year.

Greek diplomats have reportedly contacted their Belgian counterparts on Wednesday, while a second round of talks is expected to take place today, reports Greece’s state news agency amna.

PS Greece on Belgium’s “orange list” is as absurd as the thumbnail picture

UPDATE: Late afternoon Thursday, the list was modified and  Greece was moved from “orange” to “green” position.

Thanks to KTG reader bringing the new development to our knowledge.

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  1. The list has just been updated:https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en
    And travel to Greece would be allowed.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thank you

    • I suppose Norway is in the red zone due to the fact that they don’t allow foreigners, except Danish, to enter Norway. 😏 Because I highly doubt it can be risk management concerns, as Norway has FAR less positives,far less deaths, and far less hospitalized than Belgium 😏

  2. I think this article about the orange list is incorrect. These are the “old” colors, indicating that travelling to Greece is permitted but with restrictions. (the restriction being that you need to fill out the form and you can be subjected to random testing. The new list still has to be published.

  3. It’s think Belgium is pissed off at Greece testing and imprisoning Belgian citizens

  4. How can Cyprus, Finland and Iceland be on that list, they must have been drinking a lot and turned the list upside down.

  5. There might have been a confusion on this list from the outset, as it is not a position on the infection rate and policies in these countries.This list rather indicates in which countries Belgian citizens are welcomed by EU countries (or under which conditions), meaning it is the policy of these respective countries. The EU countries in the red list for instance are countries with low infection rates and which do not yet allow BE citizens on their territories.

  6. Haha, so funny – and not real news at all. Finland has the lowest number of deaths. So does Norway. Belgium and Sweden the highest. There is no logic in these traffic lights at all.