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Coronavirus in Halkidiki children’s summer camp, resurgence in W. Macedonia

Alarm in a children’s summer camp in Halkidiki, northern Greece: One of the children has been tested positivity to conoraviurs. The 15-year-old girl moved to the camp on July 5 and developed fever four days later, media report on Sunday.

The camp officials considered the case of the sick child as “suspicious” and monitored her for 24 hours according to the health protocols.

As the fever that was rather low did not disappear, the girl was transferred to a hospital in the city of Veria where she underwent a Covid-19. The result were positive.

Camp officials reportedly informed the parents that the girl can return to the camp only with a “negative” test.

Following instructions by the National Health Organization, the camp officials informed the parents of the other children who were sharing the same tent with the infected girl. Parents were asked to take their children and have them tested for Covid-19 at laboratories.

The home town of the infected girl is Veria in westen Macedonia.

The camp Skouras in Nea Fokaia made an announcement on social media.

By Monday morning, over 100 children out of 900 in total were pciked up by their parents and left the cmap.

Resurgence in Western Macedonia

There has been reportedly a sudden increase of coronavirus infections in Western Macedoinia in the last two weeks.

According to an announcement by the coordinator of EODY in western Macedonia, Iordanis Romiopoulos, there have been a total of 36 new coronavirus cases in the regional unit from June 24 to July 11, 2020.

25 of the new cases are residents of the prefecture of Kastoria, 10 residents of the prefecture of Kozani, 3 are residents of villages in the area.

One of the infected is a Serbian tourist who had a car accident while heading back home and was transferred to the hospital of Kastoria.

According to the EODY coordinator, all new confirmed cases in the prefecture of Kozani are characterized as “symptomatic with mild to moderate symptoms of respiratory infection.

Three of them are being treated at the designated Bodossaki Hospital in Ptolemaida, while the rest are under house arrest and surveillance.

Among the nine new positive cases, two are imported from Serbia, while the remaining seven do not mention a recent trip abroad, nor contact with a positive case. “The specific cases are described as ‘orphaned’,” Romiopoulos said.


Meanwhile in Evia, in the resort of Aidipsos, one tourist from Romania was tested positive.

80 Serbian tourists form Aidipsos and another 54 from Pefki in the north, were allowed to end their vacations and return to Serbia over the weekend, after 9 of them were tested positive.

More information about coronavirus in Greece here and on traveling to the country during the pandemic here.

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