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Athens criticizes Cyprus for “negative test” to travellers from Greece

Athens has criticized Cyprus for making a negative Covid-19 test mandatory for travellers from Greece. “I  do not understand the decision for a coronavirus test on visitors from Greece, this is a wrong decision,” Minister Haris Theoharis said on Monday.

Speaking to Parapolitika FM, Theoharis expressed the country’s discontent over the decision by health authorities in Cyprus to downgrade Greece from Category A to B and demand a negative Covid-19 test from travellers from Greece.

“I do not know exactly what epidemiological criteria the decision is based on,” the Minister said.

In a decision that shocked Greece, Cyprus announced on Sunday evening that it requires a negative PCR test by travellers from Greece due to an increase of confirmed positive cases from this country in the last couple of days. The measure goes into force on Thursday, August 6, 2020.

Theorahis expressed hope that there will be understanding and explanation between the scientists of the two countries

He expressed hope “that there will be an understanding and an explanation between the epidemiologists of the two sides so that the position can be explained that our country is very safe and yet much safer than any other country.

“So I do not consider it logical and right for our country to be in category B,” Theoharis added.

According to Cypriot Foreign Ministry, Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and the UK are among the countries in B Category.

So far, Cyprus remains adamant on its decision. Early afternoon Monday, it only clarified that those who have already traveled to Greece and will return after August 6, will be tested upon arrival on the cost of the state, state broadcaster ERT TV reported.

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  1. Now you know how it feels to be banned from travelling somewhere. We paid for our holidays in Greece, cannot travel and the money will be returned in 2022. So not fair!

  2. When Greeks rules overnight mandatory negative test for other countries it’s ok.For example Bulgaria and Romania,both countries with lower numbers last week/total population than Belgium,Spain.And not even half active cases!
    Bulgaria even with lower numbers than othe EU Countries that are not required to provide negative test 72h prior departure.
    It is ok for greek authorities to impose test 72h before…let’s see if you have a flight on Tuesday…the results are provided in 3-5 days due to intense private testing in Romania.So even if you pay 100E/test for rapid results,you cannot find free places on labs that runs test on Saturday(few) or Sunaday(only 1).In Greece how many labs takes probes on Weekend?!
    So you paid your vacation but cannot enjoy it because you cannot find labs to do the test in the 72h interval!
    For Greek authorities it is not a problem,no one cares!
    But when Cyprus require test due to the increase numbers in Greece it’s a drama!Let’s say that in Cyprus you can run the test on airport for 60 E and solve the problem.In Greece you can’t!Only in Athens it’s possible but after you entry….private testing,between gates 2&3 where you cannot reach because first after go down from the bus from the plane you are requiered to provide the negative test,otherwise E 500 fine.

    Greece allow Swedish tourism since 10 days ago…is it correct now if Sweden ban greeks to entry in their country because at same population Greece has above 100 cases/day and Sweden about 30?
    The is a huge double standard from Greece and this will impact thei tourism in the years that will come….after you pay 70-100 E/test in your country(if you find place to test,like explained above),about 1 in 2 people is tested again when entering in Greece.Or you can come from Spain,Belgium,UK with lot of cases,increasing daily..spending no money on tests and 20-30% maximum sample testing.

  3. As a Greek I say they have every right to ask for a negative test, since in my experience too many people here have no respect for social distancing, wear their masks with their damn nose out or not at all. Even the young people which I find very disappointing. It’s kinda childish and dishonest to say this is an unfair measure.

  4. Hello,

    Our plan was to fly to Cyprus (Larnaca) after our stay in Crete. But Cyprus now requires a Covid-19 test before the flight. My question is, is it possible to do a Covid-19 test near Chania as proof for flight to Larnaca? Thank you in advance