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Greece to charge tourists seeking Primary Health Care services

Tourists and non-permanent residents in Greece will be charged with a fee, if they seek Primary Health Care services, the Health Ministry ruled end of July. The services were free of charge and visitors were obliged to pay only for hospitalization in public hospitals.

According to health issues website healthreport, the minimum fee of 20 euros will be charged to those seeking Health Centers, Regional Clinics, outpatient clinics in hospitals as well as other structures of emergency.

The Greek Health Ministry reportedly hopes to raise significant funds, especially in the summer months.

Μέχρι σήμερα οι επισκέπτες ειδικά των τουριστικών περιοχών που κατά χιλιάδες έφθαναν στην Ελλάδα το καλοκαίρι και χρειάζονταν υπηρεσίες υγείας, δεν κατέβαλαν κανένα ποσό. Γι αυτό και πλέον ως ελάχιστη αμοιβή ορίζονται τα 20 ευρώ.

Until today, tourists and other visitors, especially in the tourist areas where they arrived by thousands in the summer months and needed health services, did not have to pay any kind of “entrance” ticket.

According to the legislation provision of the Health Ministry, the imposed fee does not affect the cost of additional services such as blood tests, screening etc. which maintained the same prices according to the provisions of the Greek Health Care system.

Note that the cost for Covid-19 test varies in public and private health facilities. It is reportedly below 50 euros in public hospitals.

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