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Thessaloniki airport to offer coronavirus test to travellers

After the Athens International Airport also the airport in Thessaloniki offers travellers a Covid-19 test. Arriving or departing travellers will be able to do a molecular test to determine whether they have been infected by the  coronavirus as of August 21, the airport operator said on Tuesday.

The airport has teamed up with the Interbalkan Medical Centre in Thessaloniki to set up a small medical unit in departures to test tourists, Fraport Greece said.

The test will cost 70 euros and the result will be announced about six hours after taking the sample.

The service will be available Monday to Sunday, from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m, noted daily kathimerini.

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  1. So is the new volutary test for Covid to replace the current procedure for testing, or will there still be ramdom mandatory testing with isolation for 24 hours for passengers arriving in Greece;

  2. Nobody understands anymore what the rules are. Who needs to present what at what time and what place in order to enter Greece? I asked the Greek embassy where I live for a question I have. I am EU citizen and so is my daughter. But my partner who is the mother of my daughter is not, she is from a non EU Balkan country. Can I and my daughter enter through the land border between Bulgaria and Greece? Can my partner come because she is the mother of an EU citizen? What information do we need to present?

    I ask this to the Greek embassy. They have no clue and referred me to the government website which does not address this either.

    • Yes you can enter through the border at Bulgaria.

      All non-Greek resident s or citizens need to present a negative molecular covid test at the border done within the last 72 hours.

      All the information you need is at http://travel.gov.gr – you also need to fill in the Form for your arrival and present the QR code

      Hope that helps

      • Hello Dave A,

        I think what you wrote only counts for non-Greek people living in Greece. It is also true for Europeans who want to travel to Greece for holiday. But it is not true for people from non-EU Balkan countries such as Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia (or FYRoM for the sensitive Greek here).
        I read however that family members of EU citizens -such as my wife who is the mother of an EU-citizen) can also enter Greece provided they can show the test.
        But that information I cannot find.