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Santorini municipality to distribute free masks to tourists

Authorities on the island of Santorini are on alert seeing tourists arriving from Paros and Mykonos where strict measures have been imposed due to epidemiological load. Local authorities plan to distribute face masks free of charge to Greek and foreign visitors arriving on the island and strengthen controls to avoid the spread of the coronavirus on the island with the iconic sunsets.

So far, Santorini is considered as one of the islands with extremely low epidemiological burden.

According to daily ethnos, Municipality authorities on Santorini have been on alert in recent days and plan to take initiatives to protect locals and visitors and prevent the spread of the virus “before the Civil protection would need to announce restrictive measures.”

The Municipality of Santorini has reportedly already purchased 30,000 surgical masks that will be distributed to tourists arriving at the port but also to those flocking to Oia to enjoy the sunset.

Local police has already started strict controls, especially in Oia where most visitors gather for the natural sightseeing and phenomena of crowding are been observed.

At the same time, strict controls are being started by the Police, especially in Oia, where most visitors gather to face the unique phenomenon of the setting sun. In the places where there will be a large concentration of tourists, the Police will forward the foreign visitors to different places, less known, but with the same view so that there is no overcrowding.

Aim of the activation of the local authorities and police is to protect residents and tourists and to avoid possible measures by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection that would damage the image of the island.

Moreover, to date Santorini seems to have managed, despite being an extremely popular destination for foreign and Greek tourists to prevent a large number of infections. This fact is also attributed to the mobilization of the local hospital that carries out tests on locals and tourists on daily basis

According to ethnos, local authorities seek  to maintain tourism this year for as long as possible, given that under normal circumstances the summer tourist season for Santorini lasts until October.

The Greek Civil Protection imposed strict restrictive measures that include the wearing of masks in-and outdoors on the major destinations Mykonos, Paros and Antiparos in the peak of the tourist season due to the increased infections.

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