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Greece on flights from Russia: Negative Covid-19 test, arrivals & airport restrictions

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority issued a directive (notam) demanding a negative Covid-19 test from travellers form Russia. Furthermore, it restricts the number of arrivals from Russia to maximum 500 per week and at the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklio, Crete, only.

The directive (notam) fro Russia goes into force on Monday, 7. September 2020, and is valid until Monday midnight, 21. September 2020.

In a statement the CAA notes:

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, it is predicted that those traveling to Greece by air connection from Russia will enter our country only with a negative Covid-19 test, which will be performed by PCR method (oral or nasopharyngeal sampling). smear), up to 72 hours before their arrival.

Passengers are required to show the Greek inspection authorities a negative molecular test result (PCR) for Covid-19 from a certified diagnostic center in English which will include their name and passport number or identity card.

Airlines must check whether passengers have a negative certificate before the flight, as its absence obliges the airline not to embark the passenger.

At the same time, the obligation to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at the electronic address before arrival in Greece remains in force.

It should be noted that before accepting passengers for boarding, airlines must check whether the passenger has a valid PLF form, with a QR code, as it is considered a necessary travel document. Airlines that do not comply with these control obligations will be responsible for the repatriation of passengers at the expense of the company.

Permanent residents of Russia coming to Greece will undergo a sampling laboratory medical test for covid-19. Until the results of the laboratory test are issued, passengers will remain confined to their place of temporary residence.

Also, all passengers must bring a hotel booking receipt or other appropriate documents, which indicate their place of temporary residence in the country.

At the same time, the aviation directive stipulates a maximum entry of 500 people per week from Russia and only at the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion.

Greek repatriation programs are excluded from notam.

Persons who violate the measure of Controlled Entry of permanent residents of the Russian Federation and without prejudice to the prescribed criminal sanctions, an administrative fine of five thousand (5,000) euros is imposed.

The CAA notam for Russia is here in Greek.

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