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Greece’s gov’t spokesman does not rule out new lockdown

Greece’s government spokesman Stelios Petsas warned of a possible new lockdown if the measures to contain the spread of the virus are not observed. What is interesting is that the government had vehemently rejected such an option until last week.

Speaking to Skai TV on Wednesday morning, Petsas said that the government “cannot rule out anything” when asked about a possible new lockdown.

“”We will do whatever it takes to deal with the problem. The problem is dynamic, it is evolving” Petsas said.

He added “we do not exclude anything when we have said that the protection of public health and human life is not place on the scale. This is our main concern and in the initial dilemma between economy and public health there is no such dilemma, it is a pseudo-dilemma and when you face the health crisis you also face the consequences in the economy.”

Petsas’ warning comes on the day that a series of tighter restrictive measures went into force in the region of Attica, home of some 5 million people, half the population of Greece.

Experts point out at the serious possibility of further aggravating of the pandemic in the country, that may reach even 1,000 cases per day.

It is noted that with 310 new cases on Tuesday, health authorities recorded the second largest number of new cases since the outbreak of the pandemic in Greece in late February. At the same time, there is a significant increase in intubations in ICUs: from 38 on Sept 1 and 67 fifteen days later.

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