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European Parliament calls on Turkey to end unilateral activities, supports sanctions

Members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution at a Brussels voting session on Thursday which calls on Turkey to immediately end any further illegal exploration and drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The resolutions also calls on Greece’s neighboring country to refrain from violating Greek airspace and Greek and Cypriot territorial waters and stop its “nationalistic warmongering rhetoric.”

The resolution comes ahead of a Special European Council meeting on September 24-25 on Turkey’s activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, and also urges sanctions against Turkey over its energy research in disputed waters there, unless the country shows “sincere cooperation and concrete progress” in easing tensions with Greece and Cyprus.

European Union governments should “stand ready to develop a list of further restrictive measures in the absence of any significant progress in engaging with Turkey,” the EU Parliament said, adding that “such measures should be sectorial and targeted.”

Thursday’s resolution was approved by six of the EU Parliament’s seven political groups, from the center-right Christian democrats, conservatives and reformists to the leftist Greens and former communists.

Turkey reacted to the EP resolution saying it was “unacceptable” for the sake of …solidarity!

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  1. Let us all see how far the EU will act IF, as we all believe, Turkey refuses to back down. Will the EU remove them from being a candidate to join the EU? Will the EU remove their Judge from the European Court of Justice, an appointment that has never made sense. Will the EU appeal to NATO to suspend Turkey’s membership due to their on going belligerence? Will the EU ask the UN why they appointed a Turkish official as President of The General Assembly? I do not believe that the majority of Turkish people are evil, but I do believe that Mr Erdogan and his explicit supporters are another matter entirely and pose a serious threat to the peace and security of the entire region. It does also worry me that the USA has nuclear weapons on a base in Turkey.