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Greece’s President Sakellaropoulou calls for end of Turkish occupation in Cyprus

The President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou called for the end of Turkish occupation in Cyprus. “Let us fight with unshakable faith and perseverance for the end of the Turkish occupation and the reunification of Cyprus,” Sakellaropoulou said on Tuesday during a visit in Cyprus.

During the second day of her official visit, Sakellaropoulou visited the Imprisoned Monuments and the Tomb of Makedonitissa. Upon her arrival at the Imprisoned Monuments, she was welcomed by the Minister of Justice and Public Order of Cyprus, Emily Giolitis. This was followed by a hymn, the laying of a wreath and a guided tour of the area.

“Today we are deeply saddened and we honor the heroes who fell for the freedom of Cyprus. The least debt to their memory is to fight with unshakable faith and perseverance for the end of the Turkish occupation and the reunification of Cyprus,” the President said.

On Wednesday, Sakellaropoulou visited the laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP).

Sakellaropoulou said she was impressed by the Committee’s work and expressed hope that the work would be accelerated so that the relatives of the missing could get a clearer picture of the fate of their own people.

“It is an issue that I was aware of, I have met the Committee on Missing Persons in both Greece and Cyprus. The work of the laboratory is very important, the right of people to know the fate of their own and to have a burial, to know where they are. The work of the Committee is therefore very important and very difficult. Almost 50 years have already passed,” the President of the Republic said.

“Let’s hope it can accelerate because every day that passes becomes more and more difficult. But the work that these young Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot scientists are doing here is really great. Because this concerns both communities and there are Greeks among them. It is very important, then, and it shows how communities can work together when it comes to such a – not just scientific – but purely humanitarian work that is being done and shows its enormous importance, Sakellaropoulou noted.

PS Call to end the Turkish occupation in Cyprus is something we do not often hear by Greek politicians.

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  1. Greeks are really freaks! What a stupid nonsensical garbage… Occupation of Cyprus and unification of the island!!!?? Who is stopping you??? Didn’t Turkish side voted YES for the unification of the Annan plan and Greek side with the support of Greece voted NO to the Annan plan of island’s unification? Greeks are such an expansionist bloodthirsty people that want the unification of island, but after an ethic cleansing of the island and killing each and every Turk who live on the island just like they have done it prior to 1974 Peace Operation. Just look at the demographics of Cyprus for the last 100-150 years and see how the Turkish population disappeared while Greek population increased ten fold. They want the island, but without the Turkish natives who have lived there for centuries…

    • That is exactly what Greece wants and they can not confront directly Turkey and Northern Cyprus but try to hide behind the EU. Shame on you, the Greek government! As Bill said, Greeks are maximalist and expansionist people- and playing the EU like a fiddle..The Cyprus issue has been resolved when the Greeks said “No” to Annan plan and the EU accepted just the Greek part as a member. There will nevr be a federation but two states in Cyprus from now on. Dream on –Greek government- if need be, Turks will fight till the end as this is a matter of honor for them. Greeks got used to getting what they want without any fight- the spoiled kid of Europe- but not any more.

      • Arzu, you are right in saying EU, started to get tired of the Greek Governments, attitude of expansionism at all cost. Greeks’ contribution to the EU has been non existing in monetary terms, yet they are a massive financial burden to this union.
        As for the issues with Turkey, it’s time to sit down and have some sensible talks guided by UN rules and regulations and come to a fair solution for all sake.

    • You mean, a bit like the Turks did with the Greek back in the 1920s and with the Armenians in the 1910s? The Armenian genocide? No comparison, mate.

      The Annan plan was seriously flawed. It would not be a real unification but Cyprus would become a federation with two states. Plus, Turkey would have maintained the right to unilateral military intervention and also would have been allowed to keep troops in Cyprus. Among other flaws.

      This talk of the Greek president is however a bit irresponsible. That should be seen in the light with the territorial claims that Erdogan makes all the time.

    • Bill, you are spot on there with your unbiased comments. Greeks just don’t get it that they had and still have an expansionist mentality. With that said, they will never have peace with their neighbors.

    • Thank you Bill for this Turkish propaganda bullshit.

  2. Such BULLSHIT…..

  3. I was really shocked reading what president Sakellaropoulou said. I thought she was a rational thinking and not-nationalist arguing person.
    Fact is that The Greek-Cypriots said NO and the Turkish Cypriot side said YES. Besides all blaming of the „enemy“ and perhaps faults in Annan‚s proposal: it could have been a First step to better Organise Life on the devided Island.

    And what was the reason for Ecevit to order the occupation of the northern part by Turkish troops ? Ecevit as prime minister was then not a fanatic nationalist but the leader of the – so called – socialdemocratic CHP. He had to defend the Turkish minority against the politics of the fascist militants who wanted the ENOSIS, and the fascist Junta in Greece soustained this illegal politics.

    It is better to argue on the screen of historical facts and not emotionally.

  4. The international community has scolded Turkey for its illegal occupation and illegal invasion of Cyprus for decades.

    Turkey’s unlawful disregard has only continued its territorial ambitions to pirate. It is now time to respeond.

    Turkey’s actions are reflected by its untruthful and illogical trolls posting here and their dictator’s provocations that seek to extend its piracy to this very day.

    The time for talk is over and recent developments dictate that military action is overdue and preferable earlier than later as things escalte. This Muslim dictator is evil and Turkeys ongoing nationalistic aspirations brought to rest for once and for all.