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The Judges’ Hour: Golden Dawn verdict due on Oct 7

One day to go before a court in Athens court will issue the much anticipated verdict in the five-year trial of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. Judges will rule whether GD party that was in parliament from 2012-2019 operated a criminal organization, carried out attacks and murders on migrants and political rivals.

The judges will also decide on the fatal stabbing of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013, which triggered the judicial investigation into the party, on the brutal attacks against a group of Egyptian fishermen and PAME-unionists affiliated with the Greek Communist party KKE.

The trial opened five years ago, in April 2015, against 68 defendants including high-ranking GD officials such as the party leader as well as simple members. The process needed 453 sessions and 130 prosecution witnesses.

If the Court accepts the prosecutor’s proposal to acquit of the political leadership of Golden Dawn of charges regarding the establishment of a criminal organization, then things will possibly end in one day, notes skai tv.

If the proposal is accepted, all GD politicians will be acquitted, the rest of the defendants “will fall softly” and in essence only Giorgos Roupakias and his accomplices will be convicted for the brutal murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

The criminal prosecution led to disagreements within the GD, that practically dissolved when high-ranking members and former MPs left. GD failed to re-enter Parliament last year.

All the GD former MPs have denied being involved in any criminal activity and that the party followed a Nazi ideology even though Nazi documents and paraphernalia were found at many of their homes.

At the court session on Wednesday, October 7,  the presiding judge is scheduled to announce the verdict at 11 am.

Three of the 68 defendants have been charged with “misdemeanor”crimes, the rest for felonies. 24 defendants are charged for Fyssas’ murder, the attacks against the Egyptian fishermen and PAME-unionists.

Depending on the number of defendants “found guilty,” the court may need up to four sessions for the sentences announcement.

Fussas’ murderer may face life-imprisonment, those charged with “criminal organization” with 5-15 years behind bars.

Anti-fascist organizations and political parties have called for gatherings outside the court under the slogan “They are not innocent”.

Greek Police is reportedly expecting over 10,000 people outside the court and has an operation plan to avoid tensions and incidents. 1,500 policemen will be deployed outside the court an din surrounding streets.

The democratic society is holding its breath.

SYRIZA MPs holding papers with the sentence “They are not innocent” at the Parliament plenary on Tuesday morning.

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