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Endurance athlete carries mobility-impaired student to Mt Olympus top

A long-distance runner helped a young, mobility-impaired woman to make her dream come true. Marios Giannakou carried biology student Eleftheria Tosiou on his back and to the top of Mount Olympus.

Giannakos carried 22-year-old Eleftheria in a specially modified backpack and climbed the mountain with an eight-member support crew. They reached a refuge at 2,400 m, where they spent the night before setting off at 06:00 on Monday for Mt Mytikas, Olympus’ highest peak (2,918 m). They arrived around 09:02.

Giannakou had checked out the route two days before the student arrived, the two had a short joint training.

Prior to the climbing, Giannakou wrote on social media that the projects gives him the opportunity to become a better person and remind him of what we all forget often: that life should be lived without fear.

he thanked the support crew, which included police officers, deep diving specialists and trainer Dionyssis Petridis.

“It was the best and most important struggle of my life, and the best thing I’ve done as a human being ever,” Giannakou told news agency amna.

“When we got to the pinnacle, she asked me to help her see the view – so I turned her around in a complete circle so that she could see Greece from its highest point,” he added.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis congratulated the two through an online chat with Giannakou and Tosiou, while they were still at a refuge on their way down.

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