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New Democracy MP suggests Greek Church should make Fyssas “a saint”

A lawmaker from conservative ruling party New Democracy has proposed that the Greek Orthodox Church should make the leftist rapper murdered by Golden Dawn, Pavlos Fyssas, a saint.

MP and former ND spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi said the Church should make Pavlos Fyssas a saint because “his sacrifice” freed Greece from Golden Dawn.

Speaking at a panel discussion at Kontra Channel TV on Thursday night, Voultepsi said “I believe that Fyssas should be sanctified by the church, because with his sacrifice we managed to put an end to this thing. Do not talk to me about the Golden Dawn.”

Apart from the fact that Pavlos Fyssas was not “sacrificed” but murdered in cold-blood, his death only kicked ND out of its lethargy and tolerance and helped the conviction of the GD.

The supporters and the voters of the neo-nazi party are still out there.

Furthermore, the ND politician seems to be one of the few Greeks who believe that the Golden Dawn is finished – Worth noting that the court has not forbidden the party, it convicted only part of 7 of former MPs and some dozens of members.

According to a poll conducted by Prorata on behalf of newspaper efsyn, 76% of Greeks do not believe that fascism in Greece has been defeated for good.

Just 5% believe that “the fascist threat that existed in the past does not exist anymore.”

19% believe that there was neither fascist threat in the past nor now.

The overwhelming majority, 83%, agrees/fully agree with the conviction of GD as “criminal organization.” Those who do not agree 13% come from the broader spectrum of the right-wing and the far-right, notes efsyn.

4% of respondents said “don’t know/don’t answer.”

PS So far, the Church has not taken position to MP’s proposal. The holy fathers may have to investigate first whether Pavlos Fyssas was an atheist and then if the GD is really over. Don’t miss my irony.

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