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Parliament Speaker revokes hiring of Golden Dawn convict Zaroulia

Parliament Speaker Costas Tassoulas revoked on Friday the decision to hire former Golden Dawn MP and wife of the party leader, Eleni Zaroulia. The posting of the temporary position at the Parliament, just a couple of days before the verdict by the Appeals Court triggered furious reactions by opposition parties and the society.

At the time of the posting, Zaroulia was already standing trial together with other ex GD MPs for establishing and operating a “criminal organization.”

On October 7, she was convicted for participation in the “criminal organization” Golden Dawn.

The Parliament protocol allows leaders of parties once represented in parliament to propose the appointment of temporary staff. The Parliament rules exclude those who have been served a final criminal sentence.

According to media and main opposition party SYRIZA, Zaroulia submitted her job application documents by hiding that she was standing trial, alleging that . she has not been criminally prosecuted and found irrevocably guilty.

Following the revocation of her appointment, Tassoulas requested Zaroulias’ job file application to forward it to a prosecutor for a criminal review. In addition, an internal investigation will be carried out into how the false claim on her application “could slide through the approval process.”

Worth noting, that Tassoula signed Zaroulias’ hiring.

The revoke reportedly took place following intervention by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Even if Zaroulias’ hiring is being revoked, question remain: How could she be possibly hired in first place, when everybody in Greece knew about the Golden Dawn trial that had been going on for 5.5 years.

PS Now, a clerk at the parliament is being investigating, and it looks as if the Parliament Speaker has no idea where he puts his signature.

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