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Alleged school teacher stabs dog in the middle of a street in Nikaia

An alleged school teacher has been detained for stabbing and injuring a dog in the middle of the street of Ano Neapoli, in Nikaia suburb of Piraeus. The dog suffered injuries in the lung and underwent surgery in the municipality shelter, his health condition is critical and the next few days are crucial.

The stabbed dog after the surgery conducted by four veterinarians.

The brutal incident took place on Tuesday morning,

According to eyewitness and video footage, the perpetrator was half laying on the street asphalt, had locked the head of a big white dog with one arm and was fiercely stabbing the poor animal with a knife. A second man was beating the dog with a metal baton.

The dog was had half passed out due to immense blood loss but the perpetrator kept stabbing him.

A second man, apparently a neighbor, was beating the dog on the head with an iron broomstick.

An eyewitness told Skai TV that they two men did not stop abusing the dog until they were hit by some passersby.

Video footage from the abuse was posted by an animal welfare group “Scared strays of Nikaia.”

Attention: the video has sensitive content!

The police reportedly arrived at the scene after two phone calls.

When police arrived, the second man threw the stick and walked away, saying he did not know anything about the incident, while the stabber  put the knife in his pocket and went home.

He was followed by police officers and claimed he was not aware why they looked for him.

His wife, an elementary school teacher in the area, claimed that this “dirty dog” had attacked her husband, even though she was not at the scene during the dog’s stabbing.

Police officers persuaded the perpetrator to follow them at the police station.

An ambulance from the shelter clinic picked up the dog who did not react even when the paramedics pressed on his wounds to stop the bleeding.

Eyewitnesses said that the dog appeared in the neighborhood in the morning, he had a blue leash, looked frightened and was not aggressive but extremely friendly to people.

Ultimately, it turned out that the dog has an owner and a home and ρun away from the house yard during the heavy storm on Tuesday morning, when his owner went outside to fix something. The owner had posted on social media that his dog was missing after the storm.

According to abuser’s neighbors, the perpetrator had often threatened animal lovers and had also filed a lawsuit against them for feeding stray animals, something that is not illegal.

Skai reported that after police arrived, the perpetrator threatened the eyewitnesses saying: “I always have a knife on me because I have bad neighbors and I have to be careful.”

Meanwhile, police arrested the perpetrator as well as the second man and brought to prosecutor on Wednesday, as they were caught within the legal time frame of 48 hours after the crime. They will be tried at 2:00 pm tomorrow, Thursday, October 15. A crowd of animal lovers outside the court reportedly booed the two animal abusers.

The dog owner has been found, people posted on social media, and is to use all legal means against the two 53- and 60-year-old men who injured his dog.

Crucial 48 hours for the dog….

According to animal welfare website, the dog owner was also arrested for “bodily harm” because the two dog abusers claimed that the dog had attacked them.

Accoridng to reports, following the surgery the dog was able to stand on his legs and even ate something,

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Protection Federation has reportedly wrote to Education Minister Niki Kerameos urging her fire the perpetrator. However, the Minister said that there is no evidence that he is a hired teacher.

It turns that the abuser, who is also owner to a boxer dog, works as a private tutor.

The Federation has also asked authorities for severe punishment of the two dog abusers as well as for the creation of a legislative framework that could scared animal abusers.

In majority of cases animal abusers go into court, they get suspended sentences.

On social media, the perpetrator’s name and home address have been published.

The animal abuse took place just a week after a 55-year-old worker at the Public Power Company on Crete brutally castrated his young dog for he wanted to play with him.

PS Part of this Greek society is getting sicker and sicker…. and these two incidents are just the top of a horrying iceberg of animal abuses in the country.

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  1. What is wrong with these terrible people. We are all under great stress but no amount of stress can justify these atrocious acts. Greeks had been known for cruelty to animals but things were getting better. Now we hear of so many incidents it is appalling. Stop! These animals are defenseless as should they try to defend themselves they have one means only, to bite you!!!!! That is not acceptable and gives people more reason to abuse.

  2. Again yet more pain and suffering from a frightened defenceless dog who was frightened by the storm conditions, if the guy that carried out the stabbing of the dog is a teacher, then what kind of example is this to the children he teaches. We heard last week about the dog owner who attempted to castrate his dog with a pair of pincers without anaesthetic is it only human beings who feel physical pain???? When are these monsters going to come into the real world. Many thanks to the vets who were left to deal with these poor dogs thy have done an incredible job in heling the dogs to survive. Is it possible a group could be formed to enable castration of human beings with pincers and no anaesthetic When is Greek legislation going to be modified and policed to include animal cruelty???????

  3. In my opinion people who do this kind of thing to animals can do it to humans as well. Cruelty is a sad part of the human animal. It is about time that the judicial system here in Greece toughened their punishments and dealt out real sentences instead of these weak excuses for justice.

    One is inclined to adopt an eye for an eye punishment but that then lowers us to their level. A good stint in a Greek prison should teach them a lesson.

  4. I seriously doubt stray dogs are vaccinated. If dogs bits, it has to be restrained, and checked for rabies. I was only attacked once by a dog, in winter and with thick winter jacket. But if I would get bitten, I would probably do the same thing.

    There are packs of large wild dogs in Piraeus, stop pretending it is not a problem.

    • Your comment may be true , however it is irrelevant to this issue!

      • It is relevant. His wife claims he was attacked, and he is now suing the dog owner.

        On facebook there are hundreds of people ready to lynch him. If he was such a weirdo who stabs dogs for fun, why do it in broad daylight on busy street? With family and job… Who not at night?

    • Katerina Kouselas

      What a stupid person I think you need to be educated dumb arse -why don’t you try helping to find homes and rehabilitate these animals you will be surprised they are a lot smarter than you

  5. Prison is the answer.
    Rte you would probably do the same thing? This dog has an owner You are as sick as the attackers big man 😆 Thanks to the vets for the care and I hope this lovely FRIENDLY dog recovers well. Come on Greece, heavy fines, prison sentences for these evil offenders. Look after your animals.

    • Where was this dog owner? He is being sued now?

      Dog is “friendly”, unless yo do something horible to provoke it, like eating meat or walking. Or maybe it just wants to lick your face (everyone loves that). Or maybe you just carry toy that dogs wants to play with, like cat, small dog or baby.

      If bad stuff happens, owners is nowhere to be found. But after his dog is done with you, he will show up for second round, victim blaming and personal attacks.

      Greece is full of amazing dog owners. But streets are full of shit and abandoned dogs.
      I agree with prison sentenses and heavy fines, but for dog owners.

  6. Bravo for the authority to put both men on trial and creating tougher laws against animal abuse. These men are disgusting and should not own pets. If the strays are an issue there should be assistance for that too otherwise these sick dangerous situations could occur again. Shame on his wife for lying and supporting this man in trying to brutally kill and torture this pet. I hope the owners sue these piles of scum.

  7. I adore Greece and spend so much time there, but in the last few years I am very very reluctant to go back because the situation I see animals in breaks my heart. Such a beautiful country is tarnished by the way it allows its most vulnerable to be treated. I beg the Government to bring in heavy fines and prison sentences, we need to punish those evil perpetrators accordingly. The church also needs to change its view of animals also. Intensive education and changes need to happen.

  8. I would like to know how is rhe dog doing after the attack in Niakia.