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Greek gov’t urged to strengthen Health System instead of lockdown in catering industry

President of the Central Union of Chambers and the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry Konstantinos Michalos urged the government to strengthen the health system instead of lockdown in the catering industry with the purpose to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“The problem of the pandemic must be addressed with a multidimensional policy, which will primarily aim at strengthening the national health system and less imposing measures that affect the market and workers and ultimately lead to worse-than-expected results,” Michalos told state-run news agency amna after the partial lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on Saturday in the economically most robust regions of the country.

“The decision to shut down restaurants, entertainment and sports facilities will certainly cause huge financial damage, not only to the specific sectors, but to our entire national economy, as it will affect almost the entire Greek market,” Michalos said.

He added that lockdown to catering and entertainment industry will also affect the food and beverage industry units that will lose their customers – that is the catering and entertainment stores – as well as many other production units that supply various types of businesses that will close due to the pandemic.

Initiatives to support businesses and workers to mitigate the economic consequences of the new pandemic measures, as announced by the Finance Minister, is the least that could be done to avoid leading the Greek market to complete  annihilation and the workers to complete impoverishment and long-term unemployment.

“The measures are an aspirin to the impact of the pandemic in economy,” Michalos underlined.

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