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Earthquake diplomacy? Turkey extends illegal activities of Oruc Reis to Nov 14

Gone are the times when the so-called “Earthquake diplomacy” would bring Greece and Turkey closer. After the 6.7 R earthquake on Friday and the exchange of solidarity and “Get well soon, neighbor” wishes among officials at highest level, Ankara issued a new NAVTEX on Saturday, extending the operation of  seismic vessel Oruc Reis in Greece’s continental shelf until November 14.

The Foreign Ministry in Athens has condemned the new illegal action and called on Turkey to retract immediately the NaVTEX.

Greek Foreign Ministry press release:

Unfortunately, the new Navtex issued by Turkey for 1-14 November, reserving an area within the Greek continental shelf for the conduct of illegal seismic surveys, reconfirms yet again that Turkey is continuing to ignore the fundamental rules of International Law.

At the same time, this action creates further tension in a vulnerable region in which attention is now focused on the provision of assistance and on expressions of support and solidarity.

These actions show once again that Turkey is continuing to act in defiance of the appeals of the international community, including the Conclusions of the October meeting of the European Council, which called on Turkey to cease these actions.

Greece reiterates its condemnation of this illegal conduct, which further undermines the prospect of a constructive dialogue and calls on Turkey to immediately retract the illegal Navtex it issued.

In this context, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias issued instructions for a demarche to be made immediately to the Turkish side and for Greece’s allies and partners to be notified of Turkey’s ongoing provocative conduct.

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  1. Anyone surprised??? Dont think so, Mr Erdogan is not a man to trust! The only thing he is interested in, is his own benefit and to keep the turkish people occupied with other things than bad economics, mishandling of the covid-situation and corruption.