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Gov’t urges Greeks to not hang out on internet 9am-6am during lockdown

In the country with the most expensive internet in Europe, the government recommends to citizens locked up in their homes to not hang out on internet during peak hours in order to not challenge “the smooth, uninterrupted and responsible operation of the telecommunication networks.”

According to Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, citizens should not use online entertainment applications, social media and video calls during peak hours (from 9 am to 6 pm).

Reason: the resilience of the network due to needs for teleworking and distance learning during the lockdown, the Ministry of Digital Government announces.

The Ministry emphasized that it is “in constant communication with the telecommunication providers in order to ensure the smooth operation of the fixed and wireless networks throughout the period of validity of the emergency measures of restriction of traffic in the middle of lockdown and professional activity.”

The Ministry recommends among others:

Avoid the use of online entertainment applications during peak hours, ie from 9 am to 6 pm. This creates the required availability on the networks for the effective operation of distance learning and teleworking applications.

Give priority to the use of fixed networks for making telephone calls and avoid, if they are not necessary for our communication, video calls.

Avoid sending large files without a previous compression process, if possible. Likewise, avoid sending bulk emails with large volumes of attachments.

Keep the software of all home appliances that have internet access up to date, based on the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturers.

PS, No, the Ministry of Digital Governance did not recommended also any internet fee reduction for the citizens who will comply with its recommendations. They will have to pay full even though they will – “theoretically” – abstain from internet usage 9am-6am for 3 weeks.

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  1. I wasn’t about to use my overly priced internet too much, but now this “advise” got me angry. I will make sure to stream 4K material every minute of the peak hours.

    Thanks for reminding and controlling me, goverment. 🙂

  2. Netflix, Disney+ is working overtime 😀 What else should we do … go to non-exsistent library and get some books ? Clean the house for the 400th time? Silently look at eachother because we spoke about everything we wanted to with eachother?

  3. Tell a teenager not to hang out on the internet during the lockdown? Hahahahaha. That is a joke, right?

  4. Why? So we can sleep more? Wake up people

  5. Work from Home, Study on-line, but don’t use the internet? No one can afford to “hang about ” on the internet.
    We have already noticed that it is getting slower and slower and has too many interruptions even before this last lockdown. If there was some competition companies would be forced to provide better service. You cannot get even anyone to answer the phone for hours on end to ask why or ask a refund. Yes, it is more expensive than most other countries.

  6. High Yield Consultant

    Anyone have a good recommendation on where to get reliable internet service? We are with WIND and it is decent up to a point then slows way down … we were told we are only allowed the high speed for a certain amount of use and then we are restricted … automatically. I tried to buy an upgrade in speed but they said that won’t be available for 3 months … ??? … ideas?

  7. Shame on the Greek Government! I am struggling working from home with the internet speed Cosmote provides here in Crete! While most European countries are in the digital age we are sill in the stone age… I really hope Elon Musk is allowed to have a license so we could have a go to Starlink