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Minoan Palace in Malia flooded after heavy rainfall

The ancient workshops excavated in the Minoan palace complex in Malia, Crete, have been flooded after heavy rain in the area this week, the Culture Ministry said in a statement. Underground pipes were unable to channel water away from a nearby field that was submerged in water.

The local archaeological service has called on the mayor of Chersonissos for help and he sent an excavation machine to help, but the volume of water is so great that water has flooded excavation trenches in the site.

Flooding was a result of several factors besides the volume of water, the ministry said, naming faulty angles of pipe-laying originally and the low-lying level of the site. The full extent of damage will be seen after the thick layer of mud brought by water is removed, it said, after assessing that no wall collapses or other great damage has occurred so far.

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said that the ministry’s services will plan for an extensive and well-planned drainage network buttressed by low walls, to hold rain away from the low-lying excavated areas, particularly as the nearby road is higher than the site.

“The Minoan palace in Malia is among the 6 palaces awaiting inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments List,”  the Ministry statement stressed.

The palace, the third in size on the island of Crete was buildt in 1900 BC.

Its ancient name is unknown, however, it has been suggested that it was the palace of King Sapredon, younger brother of King Minos.

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