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Greek police issues thousands of fines for violations of Lockdown

Greek Police has issued thousands of fines for violations of restrictions and of protective measures since the beginning of the lockdown on November 7. The fines amounted to almost 4 million euros until November 23. Fines of some 3 million euros were issued alone for violations of the use of mask in public spaces, for wearing a mask not properly or for unnecessary movement.

According to a statement issued by the Greek Police, inspections aimed at cracking down on health safety violations resulted in a total of 9,602 fines of 300 euros and another 663 of 150 euros for smaller infringements.

On Monday alone, police conducted 59,183 checks in different parts of the country and 6,020 of them were the the International Airport of Athens.

In total, officers issued 1,907 fines, 1,341 of which were for unauthorized public movement. More than 480 of those violations were in Attica, which also accounted for 179 of Monday’s 556 mask violations.

Dozens have been arrested for breaking the rules regarding the operation of businesses, ELAS said in a statement.

Among those arrested was a group of 22 hobby hunters from northern Greece who had also staged a fiesta. On Monday, police raided an illegal :casino” where 17 people were playing cards.

Tuesday afternoon, a group of youngsters decided to play football in a neighborhood in Thessaloniki. When police arrived, things did not developed smoothly and one policeman was reportedly slightly injured.

Control checks will continue with the same intensity, authorities said.


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