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School in northern Greece demands removal of Maradona graffiti

A graffiti portraying Maradona has created tension between local and school authorities in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, with the latter demanding its removal.

The parents association and the principal of the 3rd elementary school in Kalamaria Municipality demand the removal of the graffiti claiming the lifestyle of the football legend cannot be a role model for the children.

According to the graffiti opponents the drug abuses and the general image of Maradona off the football field were not of the kind that could be a role model for the pupils.

The graffiti was created by artist “Hayate” so his stage name who wrote on his instagram account:

“We love and remember a man for the work he has done and his job was to change football worldwide by making crowds talk and cheer his name.”

The mayor of Kalamaria, Giannis Dardamanelis is against the removal. Speaking to local radio Metropolis 95.5 FM said that the graffiti will not be erased.

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  1. Along with many people who become celebrities. Maradonna lost the plot of how to behave like a decent human being.
    A great footballer in his day – yes, But a life of debauchery and drugs off the field is a bad example.
    Allowing such an image to remain, sends the message that as long as you become famous and ‘liked’ for something, it is perfectly OK to wreck your own life and everybody around you.

  2. I agree all this adoration of him yet he was a cheat and a drug addict