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Prosecutor probes unprecedented claims by Bishop of Kythera regarding vaccines

The Prosecutor of Piraeus has ordered an urgent preliminary investigation into inflammatory statement by the Bishop of Kythera Seraphim who claimed that the vaccines against Covid-19 contain “products from abortions.” Authorities investigate whether the Bisho spread fake news regarding the vaccines.

During a superstitious delirium on December 27, the Bishop claimed among others that the “vaccines is made from aborted fetuses” and appealed to the faithful to not get vaccinated.

“The new vaccines in circulation today and used by the rulers are made and prepared with the product of abortions,” the Bishop reportedly said.

He claimed further that he had this “information from Italy,” by “Christians of the West, the Papists. When they expressed their concern to the Pope, he reassured them telling them it is so but we will accept it economically for the health of the people.”

“But this is a big mistake and, of course, he [the Pope] is outside a holy catholic and apostolic church and we can not count on his opinion, but we, the Orthodox, can not accept such a thing,” Bishop Seraphim said.

The Prosecutor intervened after the Bishop’s statements and claims and the sermon recorded video were posted on news websites  on December 30.

The latest inflammatory statements by the Bishop are added to a series of other controversial statements he made during the holidays. He had reportedly insisted that despite the lockdown restrictions “we will operate the churches, let them come to catch us.”

“We can not single out our flock, we can not say some will come and some will stay out,” Bishop Seraphim said commenting on the government measures that up to 25 people and up to 50 in Metropolitan churches are allowed on the four holidays in total when believers are permitted to attend the festive services.

The Bishop was arrested last March when he defied the first lockdown and opened the church for service together with faithful.

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  1. God gave man a bain and common sence! I am sure He wanted us to use it! So sad to see a kind of religous madness, people might believe it…. Use your brains, please!

  2. Children, drunks and senile men always speak the truth !