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Greece to increase daily jabs, vaccinations program for 85+ kicks off Jan 11

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday that the daily vaccinations are to increase from 5000 to 8000 and confirmed the vaccination program for those aged 85+ will be launched on Monday, January 11, when they will start receiving vaccination appointments. The vaccinations for the general population are scheduled to start on Jan 20.

The Greek vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is being rolled out at a satisfactory pace, while the number of vaccinations performed will soon increase from 5,000 at present to roughly 8,000 a day, Mitsotakis said during an online  meeting on the pandemic on Friday.

“The priority set by the vaccinations committee was clear: vaccination of healthcare professionals in public and private hospitals and, of course, the staff and residents in public and private care facilities and retirement homes,” Mitsotakis said.

Noting that 125 hospitals including on the islands are added on the program Jan 4-11, he said that a total of 223 vaccination lines will be set up in hospitals, increasing daily capacity to around 8,000 vaccinations a day and possibly even more.

He also said that the vaccinations performed throughout Greece and in each regional unit will be posted each day on the website, “short before 18:00.”

The accumulative vaccine tracker and the regional vaccinations can be seen here in


26,006 people have been vaccinated with at least one dose by January 7 2021.

Deputy minister for digital governance Giorgos Georgantas said on Friday that those over 85 will receive an SMS as of Monday, Jan 11, telling them where and when they can receive the vaccination. The message will reach those who have been registered in the so-called “intangible prescription,” or “paperless prescription.”

“Those who for some reason have either changed their address or can not make an appointment, will have to go to a  pharmacy, a municipality citizens’ service KEP or the intangible prescription and change the time or the vaccination center,” Georgnatas said.

How to register for vaccination

He said that citizens must first register on the paperless prescription platform on the website HERE, with their AMKA social security number and the Taxisnet codes. If unable to do so, they can seek help from their local pharmacy or Citizens’ Service Bureau(KEP).

Once registered for paperless prescriptions, citizens can log onto the new platform that will go online on Monday at After signing up for immunization, they will receive a message of where and when their vaccination will take place.

Note that eligible for Covid-19 vaccination are those who have a tax and a social security (AMKA) number. The platform to register for vaccination is scheduled to open on Jan 11, 2021. KTG will post about with links.

Note also that all these government websites are in Greek.

Greece vaccination position

Based on data until Jan 5, 2021, Greece occupies position 12 in terms of “administered Vaccination doses.”

However, when it comes to doses administered per 100 people, Greece falls to 18th position.



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