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Greece is mulling opening of ski resorts while lockdown restrictions remain

Greece’s Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Wednesday that the opening of ski resorts could be considered amid the lockdown.

Georgiadis said on Wednesday that had a teleconference with the managers of Greek ski resorts. He stressed that ski resorts work for a limited period each year, so time is important.

He also noted that the opening of ski resorts could be considered, together with the opening of the ski equipment rental stores, with the entry of customers restricted on the basis on store size.

Opening the ski resorts amid the lockdown is a highly controversial issue due to travel ban between regional units, the ban of operation of restaurants and cafes.

Of course, a major issue is that in order for ski resorts to operate, customers will need to travel from different regional units, something that is banned under the lockdown imposed since November 7, 2020.

Several scenarios have been leaked to the press with one of them claiming that “only those who can prove a confirmed hotel booking at a ski resorts will be able to travel between regional units.”

This is an odd option as some citizens may have a ‘winter house’ at a ski resorts like the one in Arahova.

Not to mention the reactions on social media with many complaining that they have not seen their families for months due to the travel ban and others are angered that ski resorts seem to be priority over the reopening of secondary education schools.

With leakages to the press, the government has created hopes that the travel ban between the regions may be lifted, restaurants and cafes can operate only outdoors and secondary education may reopen but not in “immediate future.”

At the same time, health experts, members of the advising committee at the Health Ministry, reportedly defend the night curfew and express reservations of lifting the travel ban so that people can visit ski resorts.

All these scenarios certainly do not bring much as retail stores and some services reopened since Monday and hundreds of Greeks are on the streets to purchase products they could not during the stricter lockdown or just for a window shopping.

They crowd outside shops and in public transport means but are not allowed to be outside after 9 p.m.

Many Greeks have already also started questioning the obligation to send SMS in order to exit their homes. Note that elementary schools and kindergartens opened two weeks ago, while the reopening of retail lifted the restriction to move only within municipality boundaries.

If 75% of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted what is the purpose of having a confirmation SMS with you or a hand written form?

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