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“Greece 1821” launches souvenir coins program with Phoenix & Drachma

Commission “Greece 2021” launched its Monetary Program with two coins as collectible souvenirs of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, the Independence War against the Ottoman Empire. the first two coins of the Greek state that can be purchased are: the Phoenix of 1821 and the Drachma of 1832.

The Phoenix of 1821

The Drachma of 1832

These are two unique bimetallic coins issued in a limited number of copies (125,000 each) and will be available at a price of 40 euros each.

They are a souvenir of special emotional value that every Greek man and woman can acquire for the symbolic anniversary of the bicentennial after the Greek Revolution. They are available through the e-shop created for this purpose by the Committee “Greece 2021” at the

The Monetary Program of the Commission “Greece 2021” consists of a total of 14 coins.

It was implemented by a decision of the Ministry of Finance, following a relevant proposal of the Commission, and with the kind sponsorship of the Bank of Greece. It bears the stamp of unparalleled quality and high technique of the award-winning engravers of the National Mint.

The Monetary Program is the main revenue of the Commission for the financing of actions and events for the 200th anniversary of the Revolution, both in Greece and abroad. In addition to its emotional and commemorative value, the acquisition of coins in the collection contributes to the implementation of anniversary actions, as the Commission does not receive state funding.

In addition to the two bimetallic coins – The Phoenix and The Drachma, -the Commission’s Monetary Program also includes eight silver coins that refer to the expansions of the Greek state and depict the emblematic personalities of each region of Greece:

• The first Greek state, with Theodoros Kolokotronis.

⦁ The Ionian Islands, with Ioannis Kapodistrias.

• Thessaly and Arta, with Rigas Feraios-Velestinlis.

⦁ Crete, with Eleftherios Venizelos.

⦁ Macedonia and the Islands of the North and East Aegean, with Pavlos Melas.

⦁ Epirus, with Athanasios Tsakalov.

⦁ Thrace, with Georgios Vizyinos.

⦁ The Dodecanese, with the Lady of the Ro

The eight silver coins are available both individually in a limited number, in single boxes, at a price of 200 euros each, and all together, in a luxury box for coin collectors, at a price of 1,600 euros.

The Monetary Program concludes with the four gold coins depicting the evolution of the Greek Flag, the National symbol of the Greeks:

– The flag of the Friendly Society.

– The Greek flag of 1821.

– The Greek flag of 1822.

– The modern Greek flag.

Gold coins are available exclusively as part of the full case, which includes all 14 coins in the Monetary Program collection. The triptych full case is available in just 1,000 copies, costs 7,680 euros and is aimed at coin collectors, large companies or institutions that want to include these coins in their collections or offer them as corporate gifts.

PS Currently the shop-page is only in Greek.

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  1. Please, KTG, could you tell me when purchase is allowed from abroad. Tried now but it was not possible. Would really like to buy the the Drachma! Thank you in advance!

  2. Quote KTG: “PS Currently the shop-page is only in Greek.”

    It translates quite well if you open the site in the Chrome browser and you have automatic translation enabled.

    One noticeable omission is that for none of the silver or gold coins does it tell you the weight of silver or gold in each coin. It is impossible to tell, therefore, how big the numismatic premium is? I realise they are commemorative but since it is hard to to value commemoration it is always useful to know their base vale compared to other silver and gold coins.

    • Thank you Warwick, but I want it only for conmemorative reasons. The “real” (money) value is of no importance to me. And the translation is quite good.

    • Now it is possible to order coins from abroad! Just done it and are waiting for delivery 🙂