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Greeks could move around based on “odd” or “even” ID card number

The pandemic situation in Attica seems to get out of control and the same problem appears to be happening in the heads of Greek epidemiologists. One member of the epidemiologists’ committee advising the health Ministry proposed on Thursday, that citizens should leave their homes based on the end number of their ID card.

Speaking about to Mega TV on “smart solutions” and measures to further restrict movement of citizens, Pathology professor Charalambos Gogos proposed that citizens should be allowed to exit homes depending on the end number of their ID cards.

Those with ID card ending in odd numbers could be allowed to go out one day and those with even ones the next day, Gogos said.

Video in Greek here.

Asked by the journalists whether this is an official proposal to the government and a serious consideration, Gogos said it was his own idea aiming to restrict movement in areas with a high number of infections.

He was speaking about the regional unit of Attica that has been recording high infection numbers in its northern, east and western parts. He pointed out that the problem focuses especially in the Municipality of Athens. He added, though, that several areas in the country are marked “orange” and are moving to “red.”

Gogo’s ID numbers proposal would be the second “crazy” idea to restrict movement, after Digital Governance Minister said he has been working on a shopping “timer” model based on a QR Code – something possible only for tech savvy citizens with smartphones.

PS As there is a similar “odd – even system” limiting traffic in downtown Athens, now Greeks are wondering whether they have to print big copies of their ID cards and stick them on their backs like cars license plates.

Alternative solutions could be exit home be based on hair color, weight or height and income criteria…

Others, the usual mean Greeks, suspect that the government would indeed consider such a measure and the professor spoke it out just to check reactions by the public.

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  1. Are we sure that his name is not Gaga, rather than Gogos? For non-native English speakers, gaga means senile or foolish (probably from the Greek γιαγιά).

  2. Me thinks the lunatics have taken over the asylum