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15-year-old girl tested positive with Covid-19 dies in Thiva (UPD)

A 15-year-old girl tested positive with Covid-19 died in the hospital of Thiva on Wednesday morning. The girl was reportedly admitted to the hospital just hours before she passed away. She is the youngest victim of the pandemic in Greece

According to local media evima, the girl had serious underlying health issues. The mayor of the city in the Regional unit of Viotia said that the girl had coronavirus symptoms when she was admitted to hospital.

The 15-year-old girl was at home when her health condition deteriorated on Tuesday night. She was tested positive at the hospital.

State broadcaster ERT reported that cause of death of the girl was cardiac arrest.

An autopsy is to clarify whether it was the heart arrest was a complication from the virus that is known to cause heart problems.

The girl’s mother has been reportedly also infected with Covid-19 and remains intubated in Evangelismos hospital in Athens.


As there are many questions about the Covid-19 treatment of the girl that had diabetes, as Skai TV reported, the hospital issued a statement Wednesday early afternoon.

The girl, aged 16, visited the hospital on Friday, Jan 29, was tested positive with mild symptoms and returned home.

She agasin visited the hospital for tests on Monday, Feb 1. She was given the necessary instructions and returned home in “very good health condition.”

Early morning Wednesday, the girl returned to the hospital with her health condition “very deteriorated.”

She was intubated but despite doctors’ efforts she passed away.

The hospital statement concluded saying that an autopsy is to be carried out.

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  1. Rest in peace little angel 🙁

  2. So sad. RIP.
    Doctors assuming C-19 can’t affect younger people.