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Take-away ban on weekends announced on Saturday … canceled on the same day

The ban on take-away over the weekends for the regional units of Attica, Thessaloniki and Halkidiki did not last long. In fact, it was announced and cancelled before it was implemented. It needed three announcements by the same minister who had initiated before furious Greeks were calmed down.

Following an outcry by coffee shop owners and Greeks on social media, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis canceled the ban saying in a statement on Saturday afternoon:

“The government evaluated the ban that will not be implemented in order to avoid confusion.”

Minister Geordiadis popped-up on a TV channel on Saturday morning and announced that “take-away has been banned” although such a measure was not included in a set of restrictions announced of Friday evening and the sector was not informed about it.

PS where do we go form here, when a minister, any minister comes out and make his own rules?

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  1. Oh dear! Here we go again…those folks in charge are just `BUNGLERS! Anyway it seems that the authorities are more concerned with bringing tourism back asap than they are at eliminating C19. Money,money,money…..perhaps they can spend it on more weapons!!!!!

  2. Don’t these expert ministers realize that the spread is not coming from open businesses but instead is coming
    from citizens meeting at home. Lockdown fatigue is so stressing citizens that their initial cautions are wearing away initial precautions. The folks are wearing masks which may help a little but officials must allow children to
    attend schools, play in playgrounds and open businesses with simple cautions. Lets get back to a somewhat normal life together with vaccinations before its too late to recover.