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Greece: Temporary social security number AMKA for Covid-19 vaccination

With a legislation amendment submitted on Thursday, Greece gives the opportunity to foreigners living in the country to receive a vaccination against the Covid-19. Authorities will provide a temporary social security number (AMKA) which is precondition for vaccine registration.

Foreigners or uninsured citizens can obtain the temporary AMKA at the official vaccination website:

One has to fill up personal data like name, surname, father’s name, ID/Passport document number, phone number and e-mail.

Please, note that the submission form is in Greek only. The form is also for the case you have a Greek social security which is not recognized by the system.

According to notes on the website, all requests will be reviewed and further instructions will follow.

Greece issues a digital vaccination certificate after the second dose of vaccine.

Note that the vaccine is not mandatory and one cannot choose a specific vaccine type.

Vaccination is free of charge.

The temporary AMKA is for COVID-19 vaccination only.

Link to AMKA request form is here.

In you can also check which priority group is currently on the vaccination program.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Actually, this option has been available as early as January 🙂
    Check your sources

  2. also it didn’t work cause the system was set up to ONLY work with an AMKA number so you had British pensioners in the islands getting stuck in a loop system where they thought they registered but to register you needed an AMKA… and and and

    • Demetra Eliopoulos

      It doesn’t work. I have filled the form many times. No answer. The people at KEP have not been informed about the law of the temporary AMKA for vaccination.
      They can’t do anything until the government opens the platform for foreigners to be vaccinated.
      I am Greek American and I am stuck without vaccine.
      The American Embassy could help but they are not involved either.
      Maybe someone from the Greek government can tell us when will be our turn according to their law.

  3. Thank you for your article explaining about the temporary AMKA number being issued as part of the process to allow those of us who don’t qualify for AMKA to receive the covid19 vaccine. This is the clearest account of the process I’ve read so far and I’ve tried to research this extensively without luck so we are very appreciative of your article and any further information you can provide in future articles on this topic will be keenly followed by us!

  4. Do you know if this is also an option for travellers in the country? Do you need a permanent residence?

  5. The emvolio site does not offer an option for a temporary AMKA. Apparently this could take some time.
    We are locked down on a small island and basically out the vaccination loop. Hope we do hear some merging very soon.

  6. Madelena Grossmann

    What happens to these forms that people keep filling in? Has anyone had a reply? I haven’t.

  7. It’s been almost 3 weeks since this was announced. No one has received a response, to my knowledge. My age group started yesterday, I am awaiting urgent surgery in a red zone. I’ve been to KEP and EFKA, my wife is Greek and has an AMKA number—I know I’m not alone, but I keep getting sent away and tod to register online, which I’ve done a number of times. Opening to foreign tourists is reportedly around the corner; meanwhile legal residents who can’t get temporary AMKA wait on the sidelines. Frustrating and unwise, from a public health standpoint.

  8. Not a single person I know has had any success obtaining a temporary AMKA. Not even a friend’s 99yr old Greek American mother now living on an Ionian island where cases are now increasing!
    As others have said, KEP has no answers, pharmacists say ‘after summer, maybe’ – ie after all Greeks have been offered a vaccine. My husband’s doctor recently said the UK government has reportedly asked the Greek government to ensure British expats residing here are offered a vaccine without delay…..?
    Meanwhile, the vaccination process remains painfully slow even for AMKA holders – ONE person giving vaccines at one local centre (3 centres on the island in total). There is either a complete lack of vaccines available for the general population or total incompetence in managing the vaccination process.
    And yet all the government seems to care about is opening up for tourists. There is no disputing that many, many Greeks are financially desperate. But don’t forget those of us without access to an AMKA also live here and contribute to the economy daily.
    Shame on the Greek government for the continuing lies about getting a temporary AMKA. And shame on all the blinkered wannabe tourists who seem to care more about a week in the sun than the impending deaths of both Greeks and expats alike once Greece is ‘open for business’ as usual.
    Here’s an idea – for every holiday pre-booked to Greece, every tourist’s country of origin must donate a dose of vaccine… immediately….with the average number of tourists for 2019, ALL of Greece could be fully vaccinated!
    Maybe if tourists want to enjoy Greece, they should be willing to help save the lives of the Greek (& expats living here) first. And if the Greek government really wants to ‘test’ SAFE tourism models, it makes more sense to fully vaccinate islands that have direct travel routes from abroad – ie larger islands. Sadly, I now think this current government could care less about expats who’ve made Greece their home.

  9. We’ve tried this again today but it’s not working. Th

    • Eleni Papamihalopoulou

      People who complain about the temporary AMKA…? Maybe you haven’t filled out the correct firm? I applied for it on April 7th and I got it in 2 days by an SMS..

    • I don’t know how you managed this Eleni.

      We have filled out the right form on 6 April . We have received neither number or progress report promised in the acknowledgement we got from the system. Our KEP have told us today that they can’t help us as they are only helping those who have no AFM and that some numbers have started to be issued from this week from the embolio site.

      Someone does not have the right facts.
      Dont know who.

      And do our wait continues……