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Greece aims to open tourism by May 14, says Tourism Minister

Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said on Tuesday that Greece aims to open the tourism season by May 14, 2021. He stressed that tourists will be welcome if they have been vaccinated, have antibodies or a negative test. He stressed that vaccination of people in the tourism sector will be prioritized, once the vaccination of vulnerable groups is completed.

“We aim to open tourism by May 14, with specific rules and updated protocols. Until then, we will gradually lift the restrictions if conditions allow,” Theoharis said in a press conference from the Acropolis Museum in the context of the International Tourism Fair ITB Berlin, which this year due to coronavirus is held online.

Outlining the tourism policies for 2021, Minister Theoharis stated among others that:

-Tourists will be welcome if they are vaccinated before the travel or have antibodies or have a negative test.

-All tourists are likely to undergo a sampling test as was done last year. The important difference this year is the use of rapid tests.

– All needs that may arise in relation to Covid 19 (eg hospitalization, etc.) will be provided by the Greek State at no cost to tourists.

– All the rules that apply to our citizens will apply to tourists – without any distinction or exception. For example, the use of the mask is currently mandatory in public places and applies to everyone.

Theocharis pointed out that the country will strengthen the structures of the health system in all destinations, “as we did last year to ensure proper care for citizens and visitors.”

In addition and in view of the opening of the season, he said that “the vaccination of the people in the tourism section is prioritized, once the vaccination of the vulnerable groups is completed.”

He added that Greece will proceed with the updating of the health protocols, utilizing the experience of last year.

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  1. Biggest mistake ever to open for tourism. Especially in UK they are faking COVID-19 tests, the BBC wrote about it 3 weeks ago. Well….and the vaccine is also not helpful because thousands of people got infected again with the virus after the 2nd jab……

    • Tell me, where did you get your information from?

    • Mike, if that is your name. People like you spread fear across the world, I guess you are a Guardian reading leftie. who still believes that the earth is flat, and the moon landings were also faked. Get real you twat…! The reported figures are skewed i agree, but stop spreading lies……no one is catching it again……

      • Well said Steve! If the restaurants and tavernas open up ‘carefully’, and with socially distanced tables *outside*-I see no problem & it will do a lot of good for the Greek economy and the mental health of the nation.

    • And you are seriously believing ANYTHING the BBC tells you ??????

  2. as a studio complex owner i’m very curios when ““….. with specific rules and updated protocols” will be communicated. HealtFirst platform was updated last on june 2020 🙁

    • If the figures like today continue to be at that rate…………., don’t hold your breath to open for tourists in May.

      • Wow Chris, that isn’t a good direction for a case curve. It’s super strange as our cases are plunging right now.

  3. Hi
    Currently, I understand to enter Greece you need a negative test and then quarantine for 7 days and then a further test.
    It is now proposed you will be able enter with a negative test ( if you have not been vaccinated) from May, but no mention of a quarantine period. Is this restriction being lifted?

    • I read somewhere that they are proposing a 1-3 day quarantine, but things change all the time. You will have to monitor the info around the time you come.

  4. Tourists from a variety of places started showing up in July. By the end of August, they were gone back home.

    And yet the cases increased in mid-November…and peaked in late January.

    There’s no strong relationship between the (brief) tourist season and the case spikes.

    And certainly no relationship to lockdowns or not.

  5. What about schools? No one is talking about how our children are doing this pandemic! Greece schools have been closed for so long, its one of the only European country to close schools this long!

  6. I read somewhere that the plan to open restaurants and nightlife would most probably be in June, so if tourists come a month earlier, are their meals e-delivery and take away? Will the beach bars be open?
    And if the tourists come with negative tests, what happens when they mix with the large majority of Greeks who have not yet been vaccinated? I know the goal is to have most of the elderly groups vaccinated in time, but that is not who you are going to find in the beach bars, etc.
    I’m hoping the warm weather will mitigate the cases, and that the variants won’t need a different vaccine altogether.