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Greece will accept vaccination certificates from Serbia, Covid-recovery documents

Greece will accept vaccination certificates from Serbia, Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said during a meeting with his counterpart Tatiana Matic on Monday. The two sides agreed to act on the basis of EU proposals and to mutually implement three protocols at the entrances into their country so as not to exclude any visitor.

Serbian tourists are make a good rate of holidaymakers especially in northern Greece.

At a joint press conference in Belgrade, Thoharis said that the digital vaccination certificate will be applied for all those that are vaccinated against the coronavirus, and he clarified that Greece will accept all the vaccines used in Serbia, even those that do not have the European Medicines Agency’s approval, such as the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

A second track for entrance will be to display a negative PCR test for those that have not been vaccinated.

The two countries will examine the possibility of accepting antibody tests as well.

A third option is that tourists will present a document certifying that they had and recovered from COVID-19.

Theoharis said the Greek government will also examine the possibility of opening up its borders with Serbia, probably before the Orthodox Easter ( May 2)  as the vaccination programme is progressing rapidly.

He added that this year, Serb tourists will be able to enter Greece via two border crossings from North Macedonia and three border crossings from Bulgaria.

After the meeting the two tourism ministers signed a joint statement of intent to cooperate and restart tourism.

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  1. I wonder if vaccination certificate must be produced in english.
    For in Italy is only printed in italian……
    Could we use a “legal” translation attached to the original?

  2. Greece now smacks of desperation. Yes we need tourism, but measures need to be consistent. To agree to accept vaccine certificates from countries whose vaccines have not even been approved, adds nothing to this lengthy and restrictive lockdown, which clearly isn’t working. Let alone the mixed messages that are coming from the Government when tourists can come, from Germany and Israel right now, but we cannot even meet our friends in an outside coffee shop. What was a health issue has become hijacked into a political fiasco.

    • Here in Serbia we have 4 vaccines among others Pfizer and Astra zeneka. Most people who plan to travel received one of the two above mentioned.