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First German tourist on Crete tested positive to Covid-19

Greece’s health authorities have confirm the first imported Covid infection on a German tourist arrived with a group a few days ago at Heraklio on the island of Crete. The  infected tourist has been isolated

According to local media, the first tourists from Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland are on Crete already since March 27.So far, over 300 foreign tourists have landed at the international airport of Heraklio, so far. reported that one Covid-19 positive case among passengers on a flight from Germany was located among the dozens of tests upon arrival until yesterday (April 4).

It should be recalled that according to Greek Civil Aviation Authority international flight travelers to Greece show a negative PCR test conducted 72 hours before going on board.


*thumbnail picture from KTG’s archive

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  1. Wow, now isnt that a surprise!!! Absolutely bloody ridiculous to let them in!!

  2. You see even tests taken 72 hours before departure are a complete waste of time, I said this on here last week.
    Never underestimate the predictadilty of stupidity.
    But hey!!! What do I know I’m no expert of viruses, I am good with common sense though

  3. And there it starts ………

  4. As if we all didn’t see this coming! We can’t leave our municipalities, but tourists from countries with a much higher number of cases can come here and spread covid. No worries! As long as there are tourists coming, screw the rest of us.
    Also, what about the rest of the people on that fight, at that hotel and so on?
    Hypocrisy and double standards. What a joke!

    • If you scale for population size then there isn’t a big difference in the total number of cases or of deaths between Greece and Germany. Germany is a bit bigger but not massively. If you look at new daily cases and again scale for population size I think Greece is bigger than Germany at the moment. I agree that people moving around is a crazy thing to do but it is unfair to characterise Germany as having a “much higher number of cases”.

      No test regime can eliminate risk it can only ever reduce it. All a negative PCR test proves is that at the moment the swab was taken the viral load in the body was below the sensitivity level of the test and even that doesn’t take account of badly taken swabs. If you really want to minimise risk you must put every single person who enters the country into total isolation for 2 weeks and then do a test. If they have not come into contact with anyone for 2 weeks and are negative there is a very, very low probability of them having the virus. Self isolation is just window dressing.

      • You are joking right? Germany is bit bigger??? Yap, Greece with 11 million and Germany with 82-83million is just a tiny diffrence

    • Exactly and the tourism minister wants everything open by May. Still no sign of a vaccine date for me at 66 but as long as the money is coming in who cares?

      • keeptalkinggreece

        mo vaccine date if you don’t check with emvolio-website

        • Tried it. Registered months ago now I cant get back into the site. Been to KEP and been to the local pharmacy. I was told it was my punishment for the UK leaving the EU.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            especially if you don’t live here, pal.

          • I,ve lived here for 10 years legally pal. Ive also been back to KEP today pal and they told me they have,nt been given permission by the government yet to issue temporary AMKA numbers. I was told to return in 10 days pal.

      • You need to check on as you are in the age range to be vaccinated

      • 65-69 are being vaccinated now

      • The window for vaccination of the 65-69 age group opened last Friday (2nd April). See your pharmacist to get an appointment for vaccination.

    • On Monday Germany had iaw offical figures 6885 infected people… Greece had 1866.
      Germany has 84 Million inhabitants, Greece has 10,5 Million inhabitants…. 8 times less.
      Divide 6885 by 8 and you get a comparable figure…. it’s time to learn mathematics, but schools are closed nowadays.

  5. I think it’s time to rebel…..

  6. It has been proved by scientific investigations that the PCR test is not 100% reliable. The error quote could be 2% to 29%. That means, that out of 100 Corona negative people some might have a positive indication. The more testing the more false positive indication, that’s fact. Simply start reading and thinking by your own….or keep your infection figures high.

    • Panonian Sailor

      I am curious since my wife is a nurse. Would you share the source of this information with us?

      • bmj. com…
        in other nation studies you find similar statements. And it does occur for both cases, false positive and false negative.

  7. In my opinion anyone who wants to holiday under the present circumstances is a half wit and needs their brains (if any) testing. Why can’t people just stay still until the vaccination program starts to yield results? No, we get stupid comments like ” it’s safer on Crete than Berlin”. Well thank you for that…it won’t be for much longer I suspect.

    • Greece is beautiful country, I understand why people come here for holiday. And if I am healthy and not in risk group why not? We are just following rules set by your government!

      • Because we’re in the middle of a once in a lifetime pandemic. It’s not about the individual. It’s about collective health. You might not be in a risk group, but my parents are, etc…
        Too many people can’t seem to think beyond themselves.

      • You are healthy & not at risk? Well, good for you, but what if you are carrying the virus unknowingly (without symptoms) & come into contact with less healthy or higher risk people, is that ok? Selfish 🙁

      • because there is a thing called solidarity. Greece is under lockdown, and the only ones who profit are tax payer funded airlines and tour operators. The tourism industry is sick.

        • Greece is not under lockdown! Hotels are open, non citizens can travel. Only issue is with car from rental company, it has Greek plates and police sometimes stops us. Friend with German plates does not have this problem.

          I am sorry, but how government treats locals is simply not my problem!

          • And it’s because of attitudes like these that we are where we are with variants and the spread of the pandemic. Individualistic thinking without any thought of how your actions may affect others. Good luck to us all.

          • This is a veeeery poor response to the legendary greek hospitality. Congrats mister! Shame of the week. Greece is currently getting ruined by a fundamentalistic, fascistoid far right mafia-government. Go ahead! Support this nightmare, help these crooks to supress the locals. Go on, damage the standing in that country of people going frequently to greece, maintaining personal friendships and/or relations.
            I urgently beg all greek people, since you tend to easily forget the past over better times promised to come: reinforce your long term memory, tell your mom, dad, your neighbour, to not to forget to hand over the bill to this certain type of people after this mess is over. And be sure that there are a lot of people with you.
            Sometimes it is ok to be unpolied.

  8. Once again I confirm that we have German tourists coming massively in the Mani Peninsula since weeks already. They came using the ferries from Italy. Those are not Greeks living in Germany and coming back, they are indeed Germans, with a few Austrians. And they are moving around freely in their trucks and safari-like vehicles. So what exactly are the rules for them?